What happened on Shab-e-Mairaj?

What happened on Shab-e-Mairaj?Shab-e-Mairaj – a night when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) ascended to the highest levels of Heavens on a special journey to meet Allah Almighty – falls on 27 Rajab, the Seventh Month in the Islamic Calendar.


Since it’s 27 Rajab (April 13, 2018) tonight, faithful are observing Shab-e-Mairaj across Pakistan with religious fervor and serenity.

Special prayers are being offered in mosques to seek Allah’s blessings and forgiveness while the women devotees are offering prayers in special gatherings inside their homes during all the night.

In various religious gatherings, Islamic scholars are highlighting the importance of Shab-e-Mairaj and its blessings.

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واقعہ معراج اسباق ودروس کی روشنی میں

The word Mairaj of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is derived from Arabic word Urooj, which means ‘height,’ or ‘ascension.’ During Mairaj, the command for five daily prayers (Salat) was also given to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Shab-e-Mairaj is a glorious night, marking the Isra and Mairaj of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) when he was taken from Makkah to Al-Haram-Al-Sharif (also known as the Temple Mount) and was then taken to heaven.

On the way the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) met Hazrat Adam (AS), Hazrat Abraham (AS), Hazrat Moses (AS), Hazrat Isa (AS) and some other Prophets.

The purpose of the Ascent was to confirm the high status of the Prophet of Islam, a position which all Muslims believe is impossible to attain by any other human being.

Ulema told that it is related that even Gabriel, the Angel who was accompanying the Holy Prophet remarked at one stage, ‘I am forced to stop here. I cannot go any further, but you O Messenger of peace and friend of the Master of the worlds, continue your glorious ascent.’

The Holy Prophet continued his journey until he reached very close to the Throne of God Almighty and attained the utmost nearness to Him.

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