‘We would be partners in peace with America but never be partners in conflict,’ says PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically said that we can be partners in peace with the United States but can’t be partners in any conflict.


“We would be partners in peace with America but never be partners in conflict,” the prime minister said making a policy statement in the National Assembly in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The prime minister said that we are ready to be partners of the US only for peace.

Imran Khan questioned that what sort of a friend we had been with the United States as despite being a close ally in the war on terror, the latter used to bomb our houses.

“We have a terrorist sitting in London (Altaf Hussain) for the past 30 years, should we do a drone attack in England then?” he remarked.

The prime minister said “I was asked if we would give bases to the US, I ask that did they even acknowledge our losses? Instead they blamed everything on us.”

The prime minister said that I want to assure that we would never compromise on our national sovereignty and integrity for anyone or any Country.

The prime minister also clarified that we don’t want any strategic depth in Afghanistan.

“We will not become any party, we will only side with those whom the people of Afghanistan will elect,” Imran Khan said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also announced that Pakistan would not restore its diplomatic relations with India until it takes back the unilateral and unlawful steps of August 5, 2019.

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