Letter from a Muslim Girl: We Respect You—So Respect us Back

By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema


Many non-Muslims consider we the Muslims are stuck in religion. They wonder why females have to cover their bodies.

They see us as terrorists, who are bombing every country on the earth. And they mean that parents are forcing us to cover our hair and heads. Let me tell you guys something. I

Islam is the religion of peace. We pray five times a day so God (Allah) can see who remembers Him. And it’s not bad for us to fast, it’s good for our health. And we don’t eat pork because it can give us diseases. And Allah says that girls should cover them for our own sake. Allah loves us, everything is for our own sake. We can’t drink alcohol because it’s not good for our bodies. And yes we only believe in Allah, tell the whole world that. We respect you all, so respect us back.

Don’t make fun of the Quran. It’s in Arabic because our last Prophet (S.A.W) was from a land where people spoke Arabic. And before making fun of our beautiful Prophet (S.A.W) read about him. Allah Allah made the universes, the planets, the earth, and us humans. And there is a reason why Corona came to this world. Why are we taking masks on, why are there lockdowns? Did we forget Allah, did we forget our religion?

We girls look gorgeous with a scarf. And yes of course we believe in Jesus. But he was not the first person on this earth. The first person was Adam (A.S) And he is our first Prophet. And yes we only eat halal food, it’s for our own sake. As I said, Allah (God) loves us. And many non-Muslims think we are forced to do everything, and we are caught. You know what, we love this religion, and we can make many failures, But Allah (God) does always forgive us as long as we ask for forgiveness. And everything which is written in the Quran is true. I’m gonna give some points which are promised by Allah:

1.“So remember me and I will remember you”

2.” If you are grateful I will give you more”

  1. “Call upon me and I will respond to you”
  2. “And Allah will not punish them while they seek forgiveness”

And let me tell you guys something. The research was done in the year 1880. It was discovered that every human has unique fingerprints, no two humans can have the same fingerprints. But Allah has already mentioned that in the Quran.

“Does man think we cannot assemble his bones? Yes, we are able to put together in perfect proportion, the tips of his fingers. Allah has already mentioned that in the Quran.

And many non-muslim think that Muslim women are always forced by their husbands to be inside their homes. But women are free, and they love their husbands so much. Islam is peace, hope, love, believe-ness, trust, and kindness. This life is short, we Muslims know that our life after death is real. And non-Muslims, please don’t judge us, before you have got to know our religion 96%

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