We are going to allow women and girls their rights to work and studies, says Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah in his first press conference

Monitoring Desk: We are going to allow women and girls their rights to work and studies, said the Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah in his first press conference.


We are in touch with Abdullah Abdullah and with everybody who can contribute to the country. We need an all-inclusive government. We are here not as rulers rather as contributors and we all are sons of the soil and we all have to work together. He said that General Amenity is for everybody. Yes, I give a message to everybody that narcotics shall not be tolerated in Afghanistan. We have zero tolerance for using, smuggling, or producing narcotics.  Afghanistan will be a narcotics-free country. We will need international support for harvesting alternative crops to discourage poppy production.

“We have pardoned everybody including those who had been fighting against us and who had been working for US-allied forces and for the Ghani government. We have directed our people to respect everybody and do not harass anybody. government officials who had been working for the Afghan government are our assets and they should keep serving the nation. They are our part, not enemies. I ask the media to keep an eye on us and keep indicate us where we may be wrong. We are here for serving our nation for taking revenge or rule them,” he said.

He was of the view that there is propaganda that the Taliban are against women’s right to education and work. He stated that women are a large part of society and they have every right to get an education and work in society while maintaining Islamic Hijab like any other Muslim country.

“We are Muslims and we believe in certain parameters of social life but it does not mean that the Taliban are against women. We once again invite them all to come and serve the nation and the country. This is our country and we all must protect it from the treasury, public facilities, government offices, equipment of government, roads, and bridges, and officials of this state as important as any other thing state. These are the trust and property of the nation; no personal tampering and negligence should be done with them but be strictly guarded. International media is a very important tool for sending true pictures of Afghanistan and it should be respected. There is no case of murder or kidnapping is reported in the last three days. You should compare law and order under us in the last three days with last week,”. he maintained.


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