We are different—We are Pakistani and Indian

Islamabad: South Asian society has its own blend, way of living and style. Travelling with any Indian or Pakistani will show you the fact that extra baggage has always been a matter of interest because Indian and Pakistani women always prefer to have more bags, extra clothes, shoes, medicines and even sometime grocery items like cooked food with them while travelling abroad or within country for holiday purpose.


You can find Indian families and Pakistani families at international airport paying extra money for over luggage and you may find them to arguing and requesting at ticket counter to forgive extra luggage and baggage payments.

According to a recent survey, 21% of women preferred 3 bags for travel as compared with 14% of men who would easily opt for 1 bag. Similarly, 24% of women travellers admitted to requiring 1 week or more to pack before a vacation as opposed to 32% of male travellers who revealed they could pack the day before.

Carrying more bags comes with a price and it comes as no surprise that 30% of the women travellers surveyed, admitting to paying excess baggage allowance at least once at airports with 13% even admitted to paying more than twice.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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