WBM Sponsors Kohsar Sports Festival 2022 To Promote Tourism In Murree

TourismWBM Sponsors Kohsar Sports Festival 2022 To Promote Tourism In Murree

MURREE: Gear up for an adrenaline rush at Pakistan’s largest three-day Kohsar Sports Festival! The event will commence from June 13-15, 2022 in Murree.

In a primary effort to revive local sports and tourism in the Country, the government of Pakistan is hosting a three-day Kohsar Sports Festival in collaboration with Sports Board Punjab (SBP). This mega event is sponsored by the WBM Group of Companies. WBM provides a platform for online shopping in Pakistan.

The event is going to be under the higher-end supervision of Commissioner Rawalpindi.

The festivities will take place in Murree, one of the most popular attractions for tourists from all over Pakistan. There will be numerous activities including sports, games, music performances, and a variety of other entertainment options.

The event is expected to attract a large number of tourists who will witness some of the best talents in world sport in action.

It will also showcase the true beauty of Murree and its adjacent areas.

Locals and tourists can look forward to it with the surety of encountering an experience they never had before.

“Kohsar Festival will generate new perspectives regarding tourism and sports in Pakistan. This event will a huge platform for the people to explore the beauty of the location and enjoy the many activities that are planned” – says Javed Chauhan, DG Sports Board Punjab.

“Pakistan is a hidden gem for tourists looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination with plenty of stunning scenery and cultural experiences to offer”, he adds.

Earlier this year in January, Murree witnessed an unforgettable blizzard that took more than 20 lives altogether. This massive loss of life within a few hours was a real question mark on the performance of higher authorities, their management plan, and the lack of timely action.

To regulate the influx of tourists to the hill station again, this Kohsar Festival is providing an official platform. It will also serve as an opportunity for the higher authorities to re-encourage tourism in Murree with more power this time.

WBM – The Proud Sponsor of Kohsar Festival 2022

WBM Group of Companies – a globally recognized corporation – is all excited to sponsor its very first Kohsar Festival this year. WBM – World Business Management – is wholeheartedly committed to promoting tourism in Pakistan. It believes that such festivals are a great way to present our country’s natural beauty, culture, and hospitality to the world. Besides, the company aims to contribute positively to society through its philanthropic endeavors and support for the development of sports in Pakistan. WBM believes that this festival will play an important role in promoting tourism, discipline, skilled management, and teamwork while providing opportunities for progressive social interaction.

WBM undoubtedly is one of the leading multinational companies operating around the world and placing the mark everywhere. Starting simply from introducing the world to Pakistan’s native Himalayan Pink Salt, the company has now diversified its business portfolio. It spans various sectors including manufacturing, selling, exporting, and retail. Over the decades of experiencing huge success in the salt market, WBM is now labeled as the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan pink salt. The company has since incorporated almost every sector of business into its operations.

WBM works on one principle – “Quality Is Our Passion with 100% Money-Back Guarantee”. The company’s focus on customer service and quality products has made it one of the leading retailers in the world. With a wide variety of natural and organic products and an extensive online presence, WBM is sure to have something for everyone from advanced technologies to personal care products or groceries. The company owns more than 100 brands, including WBM Smart, WBM Care, Himalayan Chef (Grocery Shopping in Pakistan), WBM Foundation, Retail Solution, and many more. The products are widely accepted and respected in the world for their premium quality and innovative thoughts behind.

1Sufi Night12thAmphy theater Bansra Gali08:00 PM
2Table Tennis13th to 15thGGHS Rawat10:00 AM to onwards
3Grand opening ceremony13Mall Road Nighat Park09:00 PM
4Mini-Marathon14Lower Topa to Bhurban cricket ground09:30 AM
5Cycling14Lower Topa to Bhurban cricket ground09:30 AM
6Volly Ball14Bhurban Cricket Ground04:00 PM
7Football14Ghryal Football Ground03:00 PM
8Tug of war14Bhurban Cricket Ground01:00 PM
9Closing ceremony15Mall Road Nighat Park05:00 PM
10Para Archery15Bhurban Cricket Ground11:00 PM

Besides this whole enthralling profile, WBM is always seen in the first line whenever it comes to supporting and promoting a better world. It states that tourism can be used as a tool for social change.

By supporting local communities, creating sustainable projects, and conducting mega-events, we can have a positive impact on our major tourist spots. In addition to its work with community-based tourism initiatives, WBM is also investing multimillion dollars to promote eco-tourism.

The major aim is to protect natural resources while providing visitors with unique experiences sustains there.

“Tourism and sport are two important economic drivers for many countries. By promoting them, we can create jobs and stimulate growth for the locals”, says CEO WBM.

Activities to Look Forward in Kohsar Festival

This year, Kohsar Festival is all set to leave the mark forever! The event will commence with a Sufi Night at Amphy Theater Bansra Gali, a day before the date, June 12. Notable world-famous tiktokers will be there to spark the night.

More than 25 news channels will be present to cover the event for the world. It will be a night of entertainment and cultural exposure like never before. Following that, on June 13, the festival will be officially inaugurated with a grand opening at Mall Road Nighat Park, Murree.

From June 13-15, eight sports segments will be conducted including Table Tennis, Mini Marathon, Cycling, Volleyball, Football, Tug of War, Para Archery, and Skating.

This wide range of sports segments will be a great opportunity for the public to witness the best of Pakistan’s sporting talent in action and celebrate our vibrant sports culture.

This year’s carnival promises to be a fun-filled experience for sure! The mega event will be closed on June 15 again on Mall Road Nighat Park, hoping to be a smashing success in the expected purpose.

Sports Events To Expect in Kohsar Festival

The upcoming festival will be expanded with the addition of a table tennis tournament this year. Both locals and visitors will surely enjoy it. It will be hosted all three days of the event at GGHS Rawat.

Skating is anticipated to be a fantastic show for anybody of any age. Performers will execute extremely intricate tricks on this event’s final day.

On June 14, a mini-marathon race will be held as part of the Kohsar festival in Bhurban, Pakistan. The race is open to participants of all ages and will start at 9:30 AM. This is a great opportunity for runners of all levels to come out and enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting some real exercise.

A volleyball competition will be held in Pakistan on June 14. The competition will be between the locals and the teams from all over Pakistan. This is a great chance for the locals to showcase their talent and for the teams from all over Pakistan to compete against each other.

Cyclists from all over the country will be taking part in the cycling race as part of the Kohsar Festival. This will provide the opportunity to see some of the best cyclists in the country competing against each other. The race is set to start at 9:30 AM, and it promises to be an exciting event for all who attend.

The festival will be even more special as the management has made sure to facilitate the members, participants, and visitors in all aspects. WBM is sponsoring the sightseeing busses to take the public to the event grounds.

The busses will pick and drop the people from Islamabad to Murree and vice versa all three days of the event. This will offer a great opportunity for the people of Islamabad and Murree to come together and enjoy their hearts out.

Not just that, there will be goody bags and sports shirts for all to be in harmony with the festival’s goal.

With such top-notch facilities and promises of higher-end authorities, the Kohsar festival will surely be a hit this year. So mark your calendars and make sure to attend!

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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