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March 2022: WBM Home introduces its latest insect repellent killer range that covers a wide array of insect and pest control products so that you love your home to the core!

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You must have gone through some times when you planned an extraordinary event out in your garden and despite every struggle, you had to wind up everything due to the intolerable insects biting and buzzing around. Sometimes you hastily end up your camping session you were most excited about because the mosquitoes there were just unbearable. Or maybe you are just so tired of harming your respiratory system with those overpowering chemical-based insect repellents that even the thought of using them again spreads chills around your body. A lot of people still think that using chemicals-based pest repellents is productive, in spite of the fact that they don’t even kill a single mosquito but stink your whole place for sure. 

Why should one get rid of insects? Why is it important? 

This question arises every now and then. The truth is that any damage caused by mosquitoes is more than merely irritating. The simple answer is that Flying insects – especially mosquitoes can be a nuisance most of the time. The continual buzzing of insects around one’s ears along with biting on their whole body makes the problem even more agonizing. Besides this intolerance, they put the person’s health at stake as well. Studies have shown that mosquitoes have been the transmitter of some major diseases around the world. A few ones worth mentioning are Malaria, Dengue, Zika Virus, Nile River Disease, etc. Though with the passing time, the danger has been elevated lately. The mosquitoes today are more powerful than before. Not every bite causes a disease. Some individuals develop conditions like allergic reactions, skin irritations, and skin sensitivities. Overall, these conditions can acutely as well as chronically impact the existence of humankind.

Due to the factors presented herein, a long-lasting fix is required. As of the ethics, W Home – being a sub-brand by WBM Group – couldn’t just use the traditional ways. The slogan says – “Love My Home” and every product fulfill the notion. The whole product range presented innovative techniques for not just killing the insects but majorly repelling them. The whole product range is claimed to be ‘Natural’

“Nature has its own way of taking care of things”, says CEO, W Home.

“Insects are the largest category of living creatures present on Earth. There is no way we could exclude them from the planet. We have to find the way out. The best one till today is using the Natural Insect Repellents for the purpose”, he further elaborates. 

The term “Natural Insect Repellent” typically refers to a bug repellent that is derived from a plant or its extracts and is used to minimize human contact with any of the insects. A variety of different plants and essential oils are found to be effective at repelling insects. A few efficient ones are citronella, lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass extracts. This brand offers a wide assortment, especially for babies, adults, and oldies. Both indoor and outdoor insect repellents are available that carry a combination of both distinctiveness and proficiency. Out of all the insects, we know that the most frustrating one is the mosquito, hence most of the products revolve around fighting them. But that does not mean that other insect types can move freely. Absolutely NOT! There is a list of exclusive products to combat them too. The list continues from some typical coils and liquids to natural essential oil-based repellents and electric swatters. All of these creations help you make your home comfy and lovable by reducing your contact with those tiny blood-sucking evils. Honestly, these seem to be the best option for people who are more into natural things. 

Mostly, when exploring mosquito repellents, we never think of anything exclusively made for babies. Right? W Home puts forward its whole mosquito range for infants to toddlers and school-going ones. W Home Baby Mosquito Repellents come in a variety of structures and shapes including watches, bracelets, buckles, and patches.

 They provide a variety of options so you can choose according to what fits best for you and your baby. To sweeten the pot, these come in different vibrant colors and assorted pictures printed on them like animals, stars, and cartoon characters which excites the kids and provides them with a pleasant experience. As the baby’s health is vulnerable to even minor external changes, this whole baby repellent range is made free from toxic and harsh chemicals. As the brand states, these are purely made from natural essential oils. Citronella, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Geranium, and Lavender Oil are the active ingredients used in W Home Baby Insect Repellents. All these oils are extracted directly from plants and are known to be naturally existing repellents for mosquitoes. Besides, these are Deet-Free which a common yet harsh ingredient in many repellents is. Keeping the promise of the product’s integrity alive, W Home Mosquito Repellents for Babies are made entirely safe and tested. As made particularly for kids, the watches, bracelets, buckles, and patches are so lightweight, soft, and effective that kids may forget that they are wearing anything on their wrist, ankle, or clothes.

Despite their struggle, most people do not even get near to eliminating those itchy mosquito bites from their homes. For instance, you are sitting on your patio or your favorite spot in the garden and you find out that there is a cluster of tiny insects moving above your head. Surely it will impact your comfort level there. Flies, mosquitoes, and bugs are all around you, no matter where you live. Aside from causing diseases, their presence and buzzing sounds are extremely annoying. As a result, it is critical to get rid of them in the best way possible. Keeping the promise to be more sustainable for consumers and society, W Home Flying Insect Killers are the most ideal option in such a scenario. Its modern and innovative flying insect & rat glue trap extract most of the insects out of your place.

These include cockroach glue traps, insect glue traps, and aphid glue traps. Another option for rodents is also available. Insect Glue Traps are used to catch insects by using a sticky adhesive on the surface of the trap. Their vibrant color emits particular wavelengths that attract insects towards them. When stepping on the trap, insects get stuck to it and cannot escape. These traps are used to monitor or control insect populations where required. W Home Glue Traps have a high-quality hold formula that provides super gripping power to trap flying insects. These are made sustainable for humans as well as the environment with biodegradable paper material instead of other ordinary non-biodegradable plastic glue sheets. This trapping glue is scent-free and non-poison that is safe to use in homes, restaurants, and offices. 

Similar to the above two categories, W Home Mosquito Repellent Liquid is made safe and natural too. The effectiveness is elevated with the unique composition of botanical essential oils. It leaves your room with a cool and refreshing scent so you don’t have to put up with the unbearable bug spray odor. Varieties of natural pleasant scents are available including Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon, and Rose. 

“Our Liquid Repellents make sure that you spend precious quality time with your family and friends without any nuisance. Its super powerful yet safe formula shields your home for hours against those evil pests”, says CEO W Home.

Meperfluthrin – the active ingredient in these liquids multiplies the overall proficiency of the product. Compared to other common liquid repellents available in the market, W Home Repellent Liquids are made without any harsh chemicals. These can be used easily and have along-lasting effect that protects yours for up to 60 nights. Further, it does not contaminate food, and water by storage or disposal. 

The Mosquito Repellent Floral Water Spray is a natural non-toxic liquid insect repellent that is made up of natural essential oils and contains a unique herbal blend. It smells fragrant for humans but intolerable for all insect types. 

When the weather starts to warm up, mosquitoes come out in full force. While there are many chemical-based repellents on the market, they can be toxic and unsafe. Out of all the ways, the most common one is insect repellent coils but their fumes are way toxic to inhale. W Home Mosquito Repellent Coils have a long-lasting yet safe impact. The brand recommends using the coils outdoors in the open area where the fumes dilute. These coils are specified for mosquitos as well as flies. These repellent coils are made up of plant-based ingredients that release scents mosquitoes find offensive. The most popular ingredients used in the coils are lemongrass, citronella, and lavender. It contains Meperfluthrin as an active ingredient in contrast with the DEET as used commonly by many products in the market. Along with that, the Sandal Wood Coil actually is a soothing fragrance releaser that keeps on blowing for sometimes and after a few minutes automatically burns out. Sandalwood contains natural compounds that entice bugs around your space. 

Last but not the least, W Home presents its distinctive innovations in the Electric Insect Killer range and stands out in the limelight. The unique manufacturing and latest high-tech make each product safe, effective, and exceptionally good. Most of the products under this category cover two-in-one actions. The ultimate Mosquito Racket’ and Gardening Mosquito Bulb’ get the spotlight for their unique appearance and quality work. Both of these are the best options to have in the home for outdoor as well as indoor purposes. 

The Bug Zapper has a unique stand able structure followed by a three-mesh design to reduce the risk of electric shock. The compact design and rechargeable battery make the product easy to carry along even if you are going outside for a camp or a hike or even an evening cookout. The long handle provides dual action, self-swatting, and hand swatting. Place it on the stand to work automatically. If not, you can take advantage of their tennis-like shape racket and swipe in the direction of the bug. A single swipe is enough to drop the insect on the ground. To sweeten the pot, this racket comes with LED-Light that acts as a lamp at night. You can use it outdoors like in garden or patio and in indoors like the kitchen and home. The manufacturing is safe, ergonomic, and fire-resistant.

 The Gardening Mosquito Killer bulb, on the other hand, works wonders. It has a dual action of being a bulb and a bug killer. If you are a person who loves to camp and hike, this one is for you. It illuminates the camp enough while protecting you against all those tiny flying creatures. The design is waterproof and anti-flood that you can even wash it with tap water for cleaning. This rechargeable Gardening Lamp carries a hook that helps to hang it anywhere outdoor or indoor. Again, for the people who usually stay outdoor, both of these are a must-have to enjoy their time to the fullest. 

In a nutshell, the safest, natural, and most easily assessable method always prevails. One should take necessary preventative measures in order to promote hygiene and health conditions in their spaces. For that purpose, the conventional methods are still active, but now people love to seek out modernization in every aspect. The world is now shifting towards more natural and innovative options that are reliable, durable, and effective all along. As it is said – “Health is Wealth”, we must play our part to ensure the adequate hygiene level in our surroundings. For matters beyond our reach, you must get some insect repellent so that next time you go camping or spend time outdoors or even relax in your house, you enjoy your peace of mind to the fullest while knowing that you are not putting your health or the environment at stake.

To explore the complete W Home Insect Killer Range, visit www.wbminternational.pk

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