Waziristan Cricket Stadium eye-catching views will take your breath away

  • People demand PM, PCB to develop ground into fully-functional Stadium
  • Cricket frenzy Waziristanis also share proposed design of the Stadium

By Hamid Khan Wazir


WANA, SOUTH WAZIRISTAN: As the Cricket-loving world was left in awe by the picturesque Cricket Stadium in Balochistan’s Port City of Gwadar, the pictures of Waziristan’s Cricket Stadium would also take your breath away.

The dwellers of the scenic district of South Waziristan have shared some stunning pictures of Waziristan’s Cricket Stadium located in Nano, a village of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s South Waziristan district, with beautiful green foliage, mountains, and lush green trees encircling the ground, presents a scenic landscape.

South Waziristan, a bordering area of Pakistan with Afghanistan, is truly dubbed as the heaven on earth owing to its snow-clad mountains, lush green forest, and abundance of beautiful streams and waterfalls.

The inhabitants of the beautiful region welcomed the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) challenge to show us a more picturesque Sports Venue than the Gwadar Cricket Stadium in Balochistan.

The people of Waziristan took the Social Media by storm with the stunning pictures of picturesque Cricket Stadium located in Nano village in South Waziristan’s Serwakai tehsil.

Waziristan’s Cricket Stadium is as enthralling as the Gwadar Stadium because it is situated on the most beautiful place with an unmatched natural beauty for visitors to witness.

Just like people of the rest of the Country, inhabitants of South Waziristan are also Cricket frenzy and it would be judged from the fact they have also shared on Social Media the would-be design of the Waziristan Stadium, leaving the Cricketing fraternity memorized, with many fans asking for the venue to be transformed into a fully-functional International Cricket Stadium.

Wahid Mehsud, a resident of Nano, told this scribe that the people of Waziristan attach high hopes with the Prime Minister Imran Khan to give special attention to the awe-inspiring venue to develop it into a fully-functional Cricket ground.

Wahid Mehsud said that due to the monumental efforts of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), International Cricket has finally returned to the Country; hence the PCB should send its team to visit the venue, as it would be one of the most attractive Cricket grounds in the world if it was developed as per modern needs.

The inhabitants of the long-neglected region demanded of the government and the PCB to pay immediate attention to develop the stadium as per International Standards.

Engineer Ijaz Ahmed, a resident of the scenic valley Shakai, said that if the PCB invested and developed infrastructure, the Foreign Teams would love to play there. He expressed happiness over the return of International Cricket to Pakistan after drastic improvement in the security situation of the Country.

Ijaz Ahmed said that Waziristan’s Stadium located in the best location and the government should develop it instantly since the peace restored in the area.

The resident further said that the backdrop of this ground is mesmerizing and has the perfect atmosphere to host an international cricket match. However, the location will require an investment because it is technically not a functional Cricket ground, but we are hopeful that the PCB would have this venue in their plans.

With the ever-growing demand for cricket in the Country and the improvement in the security situation, many Foreign Cricketers are comfortable with touring Pakistan, it would be great if the PCB constructs a new Cricket Stadium in Waziristan to accommodate the international teams and attract their fans. The Waziristan Cricket Stadium is one of the best venues that can fulfill this criterion.

The construction of the Stadium would not only help provide Cricket teams one of the most fascinating playing venues but it would also help change the fate of the most backward area of the Country.

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