How you can Earn Money Online Right in Pakistan – 2021

BlogsHow you can Earn Money Online Right in Pakistan - 2021

With Coronavirus taking on the world with full force, everything we do regularly has come to a halt. Our full-time jobs, retail businesses, and a lot more are completely stopped because of the quarantines and lockdowns not just in one part or continent but throughout the world.

This means that some of us have to work from home while others are completely lost and have no idea how to earn. But don’t worry, keep reading as we will tell you how to earn money online.


For the most part, the product-based business owners with stores in retail locations have no income source at the moment. With the lockdown being in the third week and no clue as to when the disease will subside, it is only intelligent that we start looking for alternate ways to earn.

The good news is that nothing in the world is now impossible because the internet has changed that.

If you are unsure as to what we are talking about, let’s discuss a few ways through which you can create a passive income stream or a side hustle for yourself that can help you in times like these:

Earn Money Online - If you are unsure as to what we are talking about, let’s discuss a few ways through which you can create a passive income stream or a side hustle for yourself that can help you in times like these:

Become A Freelancer

Everyone has skills. It is a no brainer. You might be good at writing, photography, designing, branding, etc. Now is the time you cash on your skills. It doesn’t matter what you are good at, because, in today’s world, there is a demand for everything.

Hence, depending on your core skills, make sure you design a portfolio and start pitching people through freelance websites like Upwork,, and Fivver among others.

If handling the freelance portals isn’t something you are good at, there are dozens of Facebook groups and communities that can help you get in touch with someone who is looking for a freelancer offering the same skills as you. Instead of binge-watching a show on Netflix, use your screen time for something effective.

Sell Photos

It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer or not, you definitely will have pictures from vacations and the nature photography we randomly do. Upload these pictures on stock websites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Creative Market, and Photoshelter among others. Every time someone likes your picture and downloads it, you get paid for it.

Hence, this is one of the best ways through which you can earn while using the picture you already have while continuing to make money without any added effort.

Start Blogging/ Vlogging

You are never too old or young to Vlog or Blog. Navigate through your core skills. Are you good at writing or communicating? Do you like being on camera or do you like putting words on paper? Whatever the choice is, start a blog or vlog basing on the hard skills or soft skills you have. Everyone out there is looking to develop a new skill and if you are good at something, let the world know about it. Teach it to them.

In this day and age, the best way to have a passive income is through blogging, vlogging, and influencing through social media.

Therefore, make sure to utilize these platforms to the best of your knowledge and you will be earning from them with consistency and continued persistence.

Start Teaching Online

If there is one thing, we had to quote that is most in-demand during this phase, it is online learning. More and more people are now converting their talents into courses and people are interested in buying them. Everyone is at home and everyone has spare time at hand. This is the best time for you to monetize out of teaching what you are good at. It can be painting, cooking, calligraphy, language, computer programs, designing, and so on. Make a course, and start selling it on social media or Udemy.

Invest in Cryptocurrency

Though long gone are the days when Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and the similar terms were hyped, but the credibility hasn’t faded yet. Though this is one area where you will have to tread along very carefully if you can find yourself an authentic, FBR-registered website that helps you in investing with a good return than do it.

A caution of warning again. Do not invest in websites that are credible and have no authentic reviews to show. Always make sure you are clear that you are not investing your money in fraud or sham.

These were just some of the ways through which you can make money online. If you know of a few more, do let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to update you.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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