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EntertainmentPakistani DramaWatch Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 23 online with complete Review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 23 – A Review

The new episode of Ehd-e-Wafa focused more on Shahzain but side by side the other stories have been taken along to some extent. The preview of this episode suggests that there would be a serious threat to Shahzain’s life but it appears that this is yet another tactic by him to win the elections. Shehryar and Shariq’s scene was the most emotional. It once again depicted that nothing can be as true as a sincere friendship.


Shariq and Shehryar’s conversation, in the beginning, showed that Shehryar didn’t completely trust Shahzain. His observations about Shahzain’s constant attempts to take control made perfect sense. Shariq however has always been the one who has given Shahzain the benefit of the doubt. Shehryar continues to be the most level-headed character in the play but his emotional side takes over every now and then. While handling Shahzain’s case, he was completely blinded by his association with him and did not look at things objectively. His final decision was based on whatever he heard everyone saying as opposed to gathering concrete evidence and deriving conclusions from there. Saad called to ask about Shahzain even though he too had a lot to deal with at that time. Basically all the scenes covering their friendship went to show how special their bond was. It was sad to see that Shahzain was taking advantage of the situation. While talking to Waqar and his father, he made it quite clear that Shehryar had his back. Although he knew well that Shehryar would never do him such favours. At the same time, he used Shariq to give him the media attention he needed. All the conversations clearly showed that Shahzain had failed as a politician but was bent on contesting another election.

Shariq and Shehryar’s scene was the best tonight. Through this scene, the viewers found out how their friendship started and how far they had come. Shehryar for the first time talked about Masooma and the viewers found out how guilty he felt. Ahmed Ali Akbar yet again performed exceptionally well and Wahaj Ali was equally convincing in all the scenes.

Saad and Dua’s love story has taken a new turn after marriage. Alizeh Shah as Dua has to be the brave and patient wife who will have to endure a lot since she married an army officer and now she is also expecting her first baby. Raani’s love for Shahzain has only grown and even though he has his flaws but clearly Raani accepts and loves him for who he is. Raani has always been shown as a strong and confident woman and now she is using her strength to protect her husband. Shahzain, it seems, is not only fooling his friends but he is lying to Raani too and in a way using her!

Shariq and Ramsha are going to get married soon! This definitely came as a surprise since they always came across as good friends and there hasn’t been a single romantic moment which covered this love story. Shehryar’s finally told Shariq about Masooma and the preview of the next episode showed that Shariq is going to help them get together…definitely waiting for that to happen.

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