Waseem Shahzad has made transition from being an Engineer to an Entrepreneur with ease

Waseem Shahzad has made transition from being an Engineer to an Entrepreneur with easeSuccess stories are often inspiring for millions but a very few engages the heart when known the struggle behind. Waseem Shahzad, one of the well renowned successful entrepreneurs, has a very similar story which will not be as very relatable as his struggle herein was real and hard. Coming from the land of opportunities, Waseem Shahzad never got to explore his talent as having family responsibilities always got him bounded. Wanting to fulfill his parent’s dream Waseem took up engineering but faced hurdles as his dreams were different.

Leaving no stone unturned and having no financial support, Waseem may it be from fixing iPhones to becoming well renowned IT professional, also resolving various celebrities social media hacked handles, he started earning and saving money for something big. Waseem along with studying started his own website naming Dxb media solution with a group of friends, generating good revenue. Nevertheless, the website was turned down along with a massive disaster. Having to start it all again, this was a turning point in his life.

In 2018, Waseem Shahzad established his own website Dxb media solution having its way out crossing all the hurdles with no Godfather in the industry. Taking up the campaign by making Hamdan balushi the most trending celeb Today dxb media solution is one of the leading UAE based portals having well renowned celebrities on board. Such was the emergence of a well-established entrepreneur Waseem Shahzad who dared to take up the challenge and never give up getting such fruitful results is truly an inspiration.

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