Was Russian journalist Maria Golovnina poisoned?

Was Russian journalist Maria Golovnina poisoned?

Was Russian journalist Maria Golovnina poisoned
Maria Golovinina. Photo from her Twitter account

By Our Reporter

Islamabad, Pakistan: Russian female journalist Maria Golovnina who was Bureau Chief of Reuters News agency in Pakistan and Afghanistan (known as Afpak Bureau) was found dead inside her toilet in sector F-8/2, Islamabad Pakistan on Monday in mysterious circumstances.

The news of her death was not released by her news agency for hours after her confirmed death in Pakistan Institute for Medical Sciences (PIMS). She was 34 year old. Hospital sources claim that her body had bluish spots so it could be a death by poison. According to initial medical findings, she had been vomiting before her death that also indicates to something poisonous in her intestines. However nothing can be judge before her autopsy.

Sources in her office said that the news of her death was announced after getting permission from news agency office in United States. According to a PIMS hospital spokesman, the body of Maria Golovinina did not bear any torture marks.

According to police sources, Police was not allowed to have a look of her toilet, room, office in first many hours of her death.

Hospital sources say that she was a young woman and her body had bluish spots so it could be a death due to poison  or lack of oxygen in body— strangulation or some gases in the room. “Only autopsy report will judge the cause of the death but report shall not be shared with media as directed by some top people in Islamabad”, said sources.

Reuters news agency released a message on her death that is as follow:

“We are saddened to announce that Maria Golovnina, Reuters Bureau Chief for Afghanistan and Pakistan, passed away on Monday. She was 34. Maria fell unconscious in the Islamabad bureau. An ambulance arrived quickly and she was rushed to Kulsum International Hospital, but medical teams were unable to save her”.

Islamabad police is considering this case as “high profile” because she was young healthy woman and her sudden death caused many questions. She was found falling on floor in her toilet while her body was soaked in her vomits.

She was half Russian and half Japanise and Reuters news agency in Tokyo in 2001. She served in London, Singapore, Moscow, Afghanistan, Iraq and now was in Pakistan . She was elevated as AfPak Bureau Chief in 2013 and she was popular for her contacts among top Pakistani and Afghan militants and terrorists outfits.

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