Warid Internet Packages Complete List with Activation Codes

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Looking for all Warid internet packages with activation codes in one place? Check out the details below.

Warid Internet Packages Details

Warid Internet Packages complete list

If you were a Warid user and remained loyal during the company’s transition to Mobilink, we can understand your comfort with Warid’s internet packages. For many years, Warid Telecom has reigned over the telecommunication sector in Pakistan. The company established itself as one of the most popular networks used by individuals across the country. Warid made its place in the competitive market with its unique sets of bundles for users. It was an idea introduced by Warid to offer its network users bundle packages covering SMS, calls, and internet data all together in a single bundle. Other network companies were more reliant in offering individual packages for SMS, calls, and data usage. This means that back in the days, users had to choose and subscribe multiple packages to fulfil their requirements. However, with Warid stepping into the show, the picture changed for better. Let’s not forget that Warid was relatively expensive compared to other networks at that time. However, its quality of services pleased the users more than anything else. Fast forward to a few years back when the company was taken over by the largest telecommunication brand in Pakistan, Mobilink Jazz. Now, the joint users of the two brands are recognized as Jazz users and they get pretty much everything that both the networks offered individually. Let’s move further and have a look at Warid internet packages and more details below.


Warid users across Pakistan can find the complete list of Warid internet packages with activation codes here. Although the two telecom companies, Warid and Mobilink, merged in 2015, you can still try these packages to activate your favorite one.

Warid was one of the first telecom companies to endorse 4G LTE network coverage across Pakistan. Since the time of the merge, Warid numbers are referred to as Jazz numbers. Here, we have gathered the complete list of Warid internet packages for hourly, daily, and monthly period.

Warid Internet Packages complete list

Warid Hourly Internet

PackagePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeStatus Check
Hourly Extreme (1 AM to 6 PM)Rs.202000MB2 hours*846#*117*24*2#

Warid Daily Internet

PackagePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeStatus Check
Warid Social Connection)Rs.7500MB1 day*114*5#*114*5*2#
Warid (Daily Browser)Rs.1250MB1 day*117*11#*117*11*2#

3-Day Internet

PackagePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeStatus Check
Warid 3-Day Browser packageRs.25100MB3 days*117*1#*117*1*2#
Warid 3-Day Extreme (2 AM to 2 PM)Rs.18500MB3 days*114*14#*114*14*2#

Warid Weekly Internet

PackagePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeStatus Check
Warid Weekly BrowserRs.55300MB7 days*117*3#*117*3*2#
Warid Weekly StreamerRs.80700MB7 days*117*7#*117*7*2#
Warid Weekly PremiumRs.1101500MB7 days*117*47#*117*47*2#
Warid Weekly MegaRs.1603000MB7 days*159#*159*2#
Weekly Extreme (2 AM to 2 PM)Rs.702500MB7 days*117*14#*117*14*2#

Warid Monthly Internet

PackagePriceVolumeValidityActivation CodeStatus Check
Warid Monthly BrowserRs.1602000MB30 days*117*77#*117*77*2#
Warid Monthly StreamerRs.3004000MB30 days*117*31#*117*31*2#
Warid Monthly PremiumRs.5007000MB30 days*117*30#*117*30*2#
Warid Monthly SupremeRs.8008000MB30 days*117*32#*117*32*2#
Warid Monthly Extreme (2 AM to 2 PM)Rs.1255000MB30 days*117*34#*117*34*2#


Check out the complete list of Jazz FAQs with answers!

Shared Internet Packages

Warid also offers users shared internet packages for bigger volume consumption at the best rates.

Here are Warid internet shared packages:

Smart packageExtra packageUltra package
Volume: 15GBVolume : 20GB


Volume: 35GB


Monthly Charges: Rs 1500Monthly Charges: Rs 2000


Monthly Charges: Rs 300


Activation Code: SMS ‘SH1’ to 7777Activation Code: SMS ‘SH2’ to 7777Activation Method: SMS ‘SH3’ to 7777



These are all the internet packages with activation codes for Warid users. If we missed out on any in the list, feel free to share it in the comments section so we can update it.

We always like to bring the most useful information for our readers to the table. If you like reading our blog, let us know your valuable feedback in the comments.

This information was updated on 14/03/2023.

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