WAPDA not being privatized: Spokesman

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The spokesman of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), while responding to the news which appeared in a section of press Tuesday, has clarified that it is not WAPDA but the power sector companies that are being privatized.

The spokesman maintained that it is factually incorrect and misleading to term privatization of the power sector companies as the privatization of WAPDA, because the power sector companies are functioning independently, said a press release.

The spokesman made it clear that subsequent to power sector reforms and unbundling of WAPDA’s Power Wing in 2007, all the power sector companies such as GENCOs, NTDC and DISCOs have been operating as independent corporate entities. Since then, WAPDA has no administrative control over them.

WAPDA’s mandate is only limited to construction of new dams and hydropower projects and operation and maintenance of the hydel power stations, he added.

Source: APP

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