Visit India in Transnistrian Moldovan Republic

Visit India in Moldova

There is a small village namely India in Moldova but this village has only ten residents. This village is in Butor commune of Grigoriopolsky region of  Moldova, on the left coast of Dnestr river. Once this district was famous for the unusual landscapes and tourism but now today here is only the broken roads, not a single shop, nor school and even there is no gas pipeline. Butor (Ukrainian and Russian: Бутор) is a commune in the Grigoriopol District of Transnistria, Moldova. It is composed of two villages, Butor and India (Индия). It is currently under the administration of the breakaway government of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic.
Grigoriopol, popularly known as Grigoriopolsky area is a city in Transnistria, Moldova. The city is located on the left (eastern) bank of the river Dniester at 47°09′N 29°18′E, in central Transnistria.
The village India has a curious version of an origin of the name. This village was called as paradise on the earth and was very popular among tourists of former USSR. Now the broken road to village is travelled by a few local elderly inhabitants. This village became deserted and abandoned due to constant heavy flooding. There was only one exit—the only road connects it to rest of the region as India is on map because India is surrounded by Arabian Sea. Locals say that don’t want to leave the village, despite the lack of conveniences.

“We so are proud of that we live in India. I go to Kishinev, and to me speak — where you were? And I answer — in India! Here I sunbathed, have a rest — means, I go from India. But I’m sorry that now happens to the village. I as the doctor, would open here sanatorium for children”, says one old resident. Many of inhabitants of India hope that sooner or later there will come happy times, and their village will blossom.