Video: Afghan Army soldiers surrendering after Taliban announce Amnesty Scheme

Monitoring Desk: Sensing collapse of Afghan Government and success of Taliban deal with US in Doha, Qatar, Afghan Army soldiers are surrendering to Taliban in several northern provinces as Taliban have offered them “Amnesty Scheme”.

In a quick move, Taliban have offered Amnesty to Afghan Army soldiers while ensuring their wellbeing after they surrender.

According to reports from Takhar, Kanduz, Balkh, Shibirghan, Faryab, Faizabad and Parun suggest that Taliban are providing money and food for those who have surrendered.

It is also claimed that Taliban for ensuring wellbeing of soldiers promised that they (soldiers) and their families would be protected in their respective areas.

18-years war in Afghanistan left nothing in the hands of allied forces who landed in restive Afghanistan after 9/11 tragedy.

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, established by the United Nations Security Council in December. Several NATO countries were also involved including Australia, Bahrain, New Zealand and Malaysia. Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) nations were also present and at one time over 46 countries were busy in defeating Taliban.

It was claimed that these countries would liberate Afghanistan and would also train and install strong Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). However, Taliban never disappeared and at last compelled to United States for talks though US had been denying direct talks with Taliban for over six years.

US was of the view that Taliban should hold talks with Afghan government while Taliban were of the view that Afghan Government was a puppet of Washington and there was no use for talking with Kabul government.