Users Will Soon Be Able To Change WhatsApp Privacy Settings



WhatsApp privacy settings

WhatsApp is now stepping up with the advancement of features in the WhatsApp Web. It is also known as desktop WhatsApp. There are many main features that they are focusing on. You can change your WhatsApp privacy settings, last screen, about section, profile picture, and a lot more. Earlier, WhatsApp Web did not have many enhanced features. But, now WhatsApp has granted new features to it. So, let’s dive to see what are the new features of the WhatsApp web.

New Features of WhatsApp Privacy Settings

WhatsApp privacy settings

As you know we could not change any of these things like the profile picture and the about section on the WhatsApp Web. to change these things, you had to use your mobile phone where your WhatsApp is logged in. also it was impossible to change other privacy settings like last seen and status privacy. 

We have come to know about this information through WABetaInfo. WEBetaInfo is an official website that keeps a record of every new feature coming on WhatsApp. First, all the upcoming updates are tested in the beta version. 

About New Update 

 All of these new features will be added as soon as they make a new update. Now you can change the privacy settings and change who can see your data. You can change features like Profile Photo, Last Seen, About, Read Receipt, Group(that can add you in the group), and all the Blocked Contacts .

WhatsApp web had the option of blocking earlier too. But these further privacy settings have made it easier for those who work more on their computers or laptops rather than their mobile phones. All of the blocked contacts will appear on the desktop, but they will be moved to the privacy section.

All of these new features will available to everyone after they passed these features from the beta version of WhatsApp, and there will be no longer to wait for the update.

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