US was involved in Mumbai attacks, says Elias Davidson

US was involved in Mumbai attacks, wanted India into the Imperialist Camp: Elias Davidson
Elias Davidson is a Palestinian Jew but now he lives in Germany.

Islamabad, Pakistan: The author of “Betrayal of India” Elias Davidson has said that 2008 Mumbai attacks were a predetermined plan devised by the Indian Upper Class in collusion with the United States to “get India into the Imperialist Camp”, reports Russian online Newspaper Geopolitica .


While referring a recent interview of Elias Davidson, Geopolitica reported that Pakistan suffered a lot as it was blamed for these attacks but Pakistan was not involved in it.

Elias Davidson believes that motive behind Mumbai attacks was to get India into the Imperialist Camp. He said that the US had been trying putting Indian politicians to move into the American Camp but there was resistance in India to do so. He said that Mumbai attacks provided US a facility when the interior minister in India was changed with a pro-American interior minister after the attack.

Elias Davidson said that the new pro-American Indian interior minister himself said that the attack provided boast to American-Indian relations.

“So it is clear that US tried to get India into it. I believe the US had its hands in the Mumbai attack,” he said.

Mumbai attacks were launched on November 26, 2008, in which 174 people were killed.

Elias Davidson said that within India there were sympathetic voices to this idea of Mumbai attacks for their own reason.

“The aim was enrichment and power. Persecution of Muslims is just a mean. I don’t believe the Indian officials have done that in order to vilify Muslims but in order to strengthen the military, police and practically those who have money in India,” Elias Davidson said.

Elias Davidson further said that India is a very poor Country so there is a need for the Upper Class to keep the Lower Classes submissive. For that reason, India has to institute a police state, he added.

Elias Davison was of view that the process of police state was proceeding in India before Mumbai attack. He said that Mumbai attack was a heavy punch forward, and this institution of police state in India is working together with American firms and officials.

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