US to provide $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition

ROME : The US will provide non-lethal aid worth $60 million, including food rations and medical supplies, to Syrian opposition over the coming months, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Thursday.


After a meeting in Rome with Syrian National Council chief Al-Khatib, Kerry announced the aid, saying  the United States would give the civilian opposition an additional $60 million to help them provide security.

Kerry also announced that the United States will look for opportunities to work with the Supreme Military Council to provide nonlethal support to the Free Syrian Army. It will include things such as military rations to feed fighters, and supplies for the wounded.

The funds will enable the Syria opposition coalition help local councils and communities in liberated areas expand the delivery of basic goods and essential services. They will also help with administrative functions, including security, sanitation and educational services.

The aid, in the form of goods and services, will be used to enhance the capacity of the national opposition coalition and the local councils to extend the rule of law, and establish interim justice as needed in newly-liberated territories.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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