US drone strikes in N Waziristan kill seven militants including three Uzbeks

US drone strikes in N Waziristan kill seven militants including three Uzbeks

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: Two US drone strikes were carried out in Shawal valley of the North Waziristan tribal region on Friday, killing at least seven suspected militants including three foreigners.

In the first incident, the US drone two missiles targeting a compound of Punjabi Taliban Commander Qari Imran near the Kund area of Shawal valley, according to the intelligence sources.

Resultantly, four militants were killed in the strike.

Whereas three Uzbek militants were killed when two more missiles were fired by the US drone on a compound in the Mangroti area of Shawal valley.

The compound was also completely destroyed in the drone strike.

It was the second time in last couple of days when the United States carried out its drone strikes in Pakistan’s restive northwestern tribal region as the previous drone strike took place on December 20 in Tukran near Lawara Mandi of the North Waziristan agency.

The Foreign Office in a statement on December 23, strongly condemned the incident of US drone strike that took place in North Waziristan agency.

“Pakistan has consistently declared that such strikes constitute a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and calls for their immediate cessation,” the Foreign Office said.

The statement said that the Pakistani government is itself taking decisive action against terrorist elements in North Waziristan.

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