US controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 Countries: China

BEIJING, China: China has alleged that the US Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 Countries around the world, RT reported.


In a press briefing on Tuesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said that this is done under the pretext of “cooperating to reduce biosecurity risks” and “strengthening global public health.”

Zhao Lijian said that according to the data released by the United States itself, there are 26 US laboratories in Ukraine.

However, he claimed that according to his Country’s information, the laboratories in Ukraine are just “a tip of an iceberg”.

In light of Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine, the Spokesman urged all parties concerned to ensure the safety of the labs.

Zhao Lijian also urged the Washington to disclose information on the alleged US biological laboratories in Ukraine as soon as possible.

“In particular, the United States, as the party which knows these laboratories best, should publish the relevant details as soon as possible, including which viruses are stored and which research has been carried out,” he said.

The Spokesman claimed that the United States “has been exclusively obstructing” the establishment of an independent verification mechanism.

Zhao said that such behavior “further aggravates the concerns of the international community.”

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