US Allies group against China! This time fabrication of the Coronavirus vaccine story

OpinionUS Allies group against China! This time fabrication of the Coronavirus vaccine...
Seymur Mammadov is the Director of the International Expert Club «EurAsiaAz» which deals with strategic issues of Eurasian Region.

By Seymur Mammadov

The United States and its allies have effectively formed a single anti-Chinese coalition. Its duties include weakening China’s economic influence, undermining its international reputation, boycotting all the latest technologies in the world market. The fight against China is practically waged on all fronts, including economic, political, technological, humanitarian, etc. China is accused of everything – theft of intellectual property, the growth of COVID-19 into a pandemic, hiding the pandemic for the sake of accumulating masks and gloves, preventing the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus, undermining rights and freedom in Hong Kong, and violating the rules of the fish trade. The list is endless. Now China is accused of stealing the Spanish coronavirus vaccine.


The Spanish edition of El Pais disseminated information that Chinese hackers allegedly once again “stole” Spanish developments of the coronavirus vaccine. It is interesting that the Spanish edition claims about this without reference, not only to some reliable sources, but does not refer to anyone at all. It is stated that this is reported by “unnamed sources.” The director of the Spanish National Intelligence Center, Ms. Paz Esteban, warned of the rise in hacker attacks following the introduction of quarantine measures. In particular, attacks against “sensitive sectors”: healthcare and pharmaceuticals, have become more frequent, she said.

El Pais, citing his “ghostly” sources, claims that “most often cyberattacks on research centers in Spain were carried out from China.” According to this Spanish publication, China is allegedly trying to “steal the development of a vaccine against coronavirus infection.” It looks strange against the background of such allegations that the three Spanish centers that are working on the drug do not have information about cyberattacks allegedly carried out from China. Thus, statements about alleged Chinese hackers are more reminiscent of disinformation, or as they say in the field of journalism “duck”. The goal in this case is clear: once again to smear China, acting as a mouthpiece or instrument, if you will, of American foreign policy.

And it’s no wonder: the fact is that allegations and unconfirmed accusations against China of trying to “steal” the development of a vaccine against coronavirus were announced back in July. In particular, representatives of the US State Department indicated that China is allegedly sponsoring hackers who were trying to get data on the COVID-19 vaccine, developed, in particular, by Moderna. For this reason, the United States on July 22 demanded that China close the Consulate General in Houston within 72 hours, and China, in retaliation, demanded that the United States close the Consulate General in Chengdu.

From all that has been said, it becomes clear that such unfounded accusations against official Beijing, which this summer even led to the “consular general scandal”, are politically motivated, aimed at undermining China’s credibility, its authority, as well as its alleged “backwardness” … Which, according to the West, stems from Beijing’s “inability” to develop its own vaccine against the coronavirus, and therefore has to resort to “stealing” the development of a Spanish vaccine.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus broke out in China, in Wuhan, after which it spread to the rest of the world, China should be given credit for the fact that it felt responsible for the fate not only of its own population, but also of billions of people around the planet, immediately having started supplying masks, other personal protective equipment, and hygiene products to various countries.


China in many of its indicators in socio-economic development has left Europe and the United States far behind

Although no country and no people can be held accountable in any form for the outbreak on its territory and the further spread of any infectious virus, the US leadership, represented by their President Donald Trump, however, put forward a completely stupid, unreasonable blaming China and its people for the current coronavirus pandemic crisis. Going even further in his eccentricity, Donald Trump even issued a huge bill that China supposedly has to pay for the losses suffered by the US economy. This behavior of the current head of the White House has once again convinced many people of the opinion that Donald Trump should not be taken too seriously.

It should be noted that scientists from Hong Kong already in January of this year, when the coronavirus had not yet acquired the character of a global pandemic, but raged only within the borders of China, developed and created their own vaccine, which was soon put into operation. As a result, China managed to quickly bring the pandemic under control, and then completely defeat it. In parallel with this, the Chinese leadership, seeing the successful use of the vaccine, also offered it to other countries. Moreover, Beijing supplied the vaccine completely free of charge.

It is also important to point out that China offered a vaccine developed and further improved by its scientists to European countries and the United States. But many of them refused the Chinese vaccine precisely for political reasons, saying that they were developing their own vaccines.

China turned out to be the first country to completely defeat the coronavirus pandemic. So China, which has developed and successfully applied its own vaccine in practice, has absolutely no reason to “steal” someone’s belated semi-finished vaccines by hacker attacks, which are not only completely unprepared and not used in practice, but have very serious side effects …

Beijing, together with Russia, is implementing a number of Arctic projects, which causes serious concern for the United States and its allies

China, which in many of its indicators in socio-economic development has left Europe and the United States far behind, has enormous financial and material resources and enormous human resources, which allows official Beijing to channel and pour funds into such expensive and, most importantly, vital for simple people projects around the world.

The completely ridiculous and unfounded accusations that the West from time to time voiced against China are aimed at undermining its ever-growing authority and respect among all countries and peoples of the world.

So the accusations against hacker attacks allegedly carried out from China should be seen as part of a long-term conspiracy against China. The United States will try to involve as many countries as possible in the anti-Chinese coalition in order to reduce the level of relations between these countries and Beijing. In particular, the focus will be on countries that are members of the Belt and Road Initiative.

One of the main reasons for US attacks on China is the growing importance of this initiative around the world. All Western efforts are aimed at containing the growth of Chinese influence in the framework of “One Belt, One Road”. Now China is rapidly advancing its other project, the Ice Silk Road, and it is interested in the development of the Arctic.

Beijing, together with Russia, is implementing a number of Arctic projects, which causes serious concern for the United States and its allies. With all this in mind, competition in US-China relations will intensify further, and accusations and attacks on China will become even larger.


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