Updates of Terrorist attack in Ottawa and on Canadian Parliament: At least 4 persons wounded while one solider killed

Monitoring Desk: Updates of Canadian Parliament attacked: At least 4 persons wounded while one solider killed, claim hospital sources in Ottawa. Police have failed to find terrorists. Western main stream media is avoid to use word “Terrorist attack in Canada” and waiting for White House to get guideline and instructions but it is confirmed that this is a series of terror attacks in Ottawa. Canadian Prime Minister was due to meet Malala Yousifzai in his office when attack was carried out.

US President Obama called Canadian PM on telephone and discussed the grave situation in the heart of North America.

A manhunt is on for armed assailants after several rounds of gunfire tore through Parliament Hill, as well as National War Memorial and near a shopping mall in Ottawa, Canada. The city of Ottawa is on lockdown as police attempt to locate the culprits.

Video of Canadian Parliament attacked by gunmen, one soldier killed while Prime Minister Stephen Harper managed to exit the building safely

Monitoring Desk: Canadian Parliament has been attacked by gunmen who killed at least one soldier but Hill in Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harpermanaged to exit the building safely. Whole city is in panic and forces are trying to find gunmen.

Some 30 shots were fired inside the building, reports Reuters.



The Ottawa Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned the public in a Twitter post to “stay away from the downtown Ottawa area.

“Shots fired at War Memorial at 9:52am today; one person injured,” Ottawa Police tweeted. Canadian broadcaster CBC and several MPs report that one gunman has been killed but that is unconfirmed.

RT reported that Canadian Armed Forces bases across the country are in lockdown and all Ottawa Police stations are currently closed to the public as gunmen remain at large. There are reports that more than one assailant is active in the area. “There are multiple assailants,” police reportedly told local columnist John Invision, adding

“move back, they’re targeting first responders.” Ottawa Police Constable Marc Soucy told Reuters that they “are actively looking for suspects right now, so we don’t know if it is suspect one or suspects plural”.


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