Update your Nexus 4, 7 and Nexus 5 to Android Lollipop


Update your Nexus 4, 7 and Nexus 5 to Android Lollipop 


There is a good news for Nexus users as they are going to get Android Lollipop updates over the air (OTA). In Europe nexus users have already got the update and in middle east the update is on way. According to different information sources we came to know that Android Lollipop has also been rolled out in India for Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 devices.

What Nexus users will get in Lollipop ?

At the point when Android 5.0 “Candy” went into a last review assemble not long after being affirmed by Google, we went through an arrangement of gimmicks to verify you thoroughly understood the magnificence that was going to effortlessness your telephone or tablet. One of those peculiarities was Smart Lock, which is Google’s interpretation of Trusted Devices, a peculiarity that uses Bluetooth or NFC (or your face in Lollipop) to permit you to sidestep secure lock screens when you are close, however safely bolt the gadget when you require it most. We are upbeat to report today that Google has included another and amazingly valuable gimmick to Smart Lock, because of the most recent Google Play Services 6.5 over all that started taking off yesterday. The reality is out, Smart Lock is simply improved without a structure redesign.

The new peculiarity includes “trusted spots” to your rundown of choices for keeping your telephone opened. What is a “trusted spot?” This could be your work or home or noteworthy other’s loft or the canine park. A trusted spot is an area where you might want to have the capacity to rapidly open your telephone or tablet without expecting to enter the PIN, watchword or example that you have dynamic. Obviously, the magnificence in utilizing a trusted spot is that once you leave a trusted area, your telephone fails.

When you are at home in the morning or evening, or at work amid the day, you could have your telephone perceive this and leave your telephone open for speedy opening. Yet, how about we say you stop off for morning espresso on your approach to work, take a taxi ride to a gathering crosswise over town, or hit the rec center in the middle of the majority of that and overlook your telephone at any of those areas. Your telephone will perceive the greater part of the above as not being “trusted” and will switch your PIN, example, or watchword once again on to help secure your telephone. Essentially, at whatever point you aren’t in a trusted spot, your telephone will stay bolted and oblige a protected login. Bode well?

With trusted places through Smart Lock, you can pick between the majority of the Google records appended to your telephone through a drop-down menu. These records ought to consequently pull in your Home and Work areas on the off chance that you have set those up through your records, which you likely have in Google Now or Maps sooner or later. You can likewise include custom areas however, utilizing the “Include trusted spot” catch. By tapping that alternative, you will be taken to Google Maps to either select your momentum area or quest for another spot to include.

With a specific end goal to get trusted places up and running on your Lollipop gadget, you will require the new Google Play Services 6.5 (download connection) introduced. When you have that introduced, you may need to rapidly reboot before the alternative will appear. When you are carried out rebooting, head into Settings>security>smart Lock and it ought to be there. Remember that to empower Smart Lock, you need to have a PIN, secret word, or example enacted.

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