Unique named sacrificial animals become center of attraction in cattle market


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Ahead of Eid-ul-Adha celebrations, the decorated healthy cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep and camels being herded from Punjab, Sindh and other far flung areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with ‘unique names’ have become a source of attraction for the buyers in traditional cattle markets who intend to perform the ritual of sacrifice to mark the annual Islamic festival. 

Like every year, many cattle traders arrive in the cattle markets after taking care of their sacrificial animals for many weeks or months in a bid to get maximum profit from the buyers.

According to the traders, children and youngsters along with their elders throng the cattle markets to visit to the different sort of sacrificial animals with the hope to get beautifully decorated unique named animals to inspire their friends and family members.

Pasha Khan, a trader, informed that most of the people who can afford buying expensive sacrificial animals are more inclined toward unique named and decorated sacrificial animals and hardly do any bargaining while purchasing.

However, those with less resources go for buying sacrificial animals with normal rate after too much bargaining, he added.

Another trader Munir Khan said that in biggest cattle market where hundred of cattle are still being brought by the cattle traders from all over the Pakistan which already has started attracting the zealous crowd of people but the ultimate show-stealer are the beautiful, healthy and unique named like ‘Bunty and Bubbli’, ‘Azad Umidwar’, ‘Silver Gold’ with their high prices attracting the buyers of upper class.

As soon as the Bunty and Bubbli reach to the mandi, visitors have thronged to the market to have a glimpse of the good-looking pair of cattle. Bunty and Bubbli dazzle their sightseers with their sham and their looks, said a Young citizen Zubair Hayat.

The owner of these healthy decorated animals demands according to their Willis without any check and balance on the prices, said another visitor Amir Ikram.

Owner of the much appreciated cattle, are very pleased to see the frenzy of the visitors towards Unique named animal, said a visitor.

According to cattle traders, people in large numbers are coming to enjoy healthy animals as they are taking very good care of them and being given ghee, butter, milk and nuts to eat. The trader says that the Bunty weighs 1000 kgs where as Bubbli weighs 923 kgs.

To attract more and more people, animals are decorated with colorful garlands, sterling bands, embellished belts and crowns, said a buyer.

“We are demanding high prices because we spent much time in bringing up a healthy and gorgeous pair of sacrificial animal,” said the cattle trader.

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