How To Access GPT-4 Right Now?

UncategorizedHow To Access GPT-4 Right Now?


AI giant, OpenAI created a frenzy among the users with ChatGPT. Now it has launched its next generation of it in the form of GPT-4 on Tuesday. ChatGPT came out as a web app that everyone could access. But, it is not easy for everyone to access GPT-4 and it is also not free.

What is GPT-4?

You might be confused that ChatGPT just came out last year in November, then how could it reach a 4th generation so soon? OpenAI has been working on GPT models since 2018 and ChatGPT, which came out last year, is its chatbot product. So, ChatGPT is the part of GPT-3 language model. Therefore, everyone with free access to this model is using GPT-3.

GPT-4 is a next-generation GPT language model by OpenAI which is not available on its free web page.

How to Access GPT-4 with ChatGPT+?

ChatGPT+ is currently using GPT-4 to write text easily and more effectively. So, to access it you need to have a premium version of ChatGPT. If you are already a paid member of OpenAI and have ChatGPT+, you are all good to use GPT-4.

But, if you are still using a free version, you need to upgrade to GPT+. Here’s how to do it

  • Click on the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ option in the left menu.
  • Then a pop-up information box will open that tells about the perks of the Update and payment plan.
  • Click on the green badge which states ‘Upgrade Plan’.
  • You will be taken to a standard e-commerce sales page where you need to fill in your details to purchase the subscription.


  • ChatGPT+ subscription charges are $20 per month.
  • Once you pay and become a GPT+ member, you are good to use GPT-4.

How Does it Work?

After getting the subscription, you will also get the option to use the free version as well as a GPT-4. Whenever you start a new chat, you will get a choice between the older version or GPT-4.


If you are using the free version and want to use GPT-4 in the middle of your chat, the system will add a text bar in the middle of your chat. So, whenever you switch to the latest model, you will get this message, “The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We’ve switched you to the latest default model.”


Moreover, the chats with old and free AI appear with the old green logo. But, as soon as you switch to the latest model, the chats appear with a new black AI logo. While using this latest chatbot model, you need to be a little more patient. Because OpenAI gives a significantly slow speed while writing your texts bu the reasoning and conciseness are unmatchable to others.

In near future, Chat GPT-4 has the potential to take over the chatbot interaction because many of the clients are using it. Khan Academy, Stripe, Morgan Stanley and Governmtnof Iceland are using GPT-4 right now.

Can You use it for free?

No, OpenAI has not released a free version of GPT-4 so it is a must to get a subscription to use it.

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