UN Secretary-General urges neighboring countries to receive refugees from Afghanistan

Monitoring Desk: UN Secretary-General has urged neighboring countries to receive refugees to avoid a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.


According to CGTN China, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday urged all parties to practice utmost restraint and protect civilians in Afghanistan.

Guterres made the remarks at the opening of an emergency meeting on Afghanistan held by the UN Security Council, a day after the Taliban captured the country’s capital Kabul.

Guterres raised deep concerns over human rights issues as hundreds of thousands of civilians fled their homes due to the rapidly evolving situation in Afghanistan.

He called on all parties, the Taliban in particular, to protect civilians, and provide necessary humanitarian assistance. The secretary-general also encouraged countries to receive refugees to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

Amid the situation, Guterres raised two proposals on behalf of the UN.

Firstly, in relation to Afghani women and children, Guterres urged all parties to speak in one voice on human rights in Afghanistan and to ensure the basic human rights of vulnerable groups are respected.

Secondly, he stressed that Afghanistan should not become a platform for terrorism.

Reiterating the UN’s commitment to supporting Afghanistan, the Guterres urged all relevant parties in Afghanistan to end violence, ensure the protection of human life and property, and commit to all the international treaties signed by the country.

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