UN to probe Israel’s offensive against Gaza

UN to probe Israel's offensive against Gaza

GENEVA: The United Nations Human Rights Council has decided to launch an independent inquiry into Israel’s offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

A resolution to this effect was passed by the council with 29 votes in favour in the 46-member body.

China, Russia and African countries supported the resolution while the United States opposed it. All nine European Union members abstained from voting.

As many as 695 Palestinians including 166 children have been killed and over 4,500 other wounded so far in the Israeli aggression, according to the Gaza health ministry.

No ceasefire till end of Israel’s blockade in Gaza: Hamas leader

On the other hand, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal has said that there can be no ceasefire without an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Talking to reporters in Qatar, he demanded lifting of eight-year economic blockade, opening of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

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