Ukraine will cancel quarantine when percentage of sick people remains unchanged for at least 10 days

Monitoring Desk: Ukraine is entering into 49th quarantined day today, reports Ukrainian News Agency.


In a story written by Anna Rudyk, it is stated that the decision to continue or finish quarantine would be reviewed on May 11 if percentage of sick people remains unchanged for at least 10 days (from May 1 to May 11).

Ukraine decided to clamp quarantine on March 12 due to the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. Measures taken by Ukraine were appreciated by world health organisations and spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine is far less than in other European countries.

Quarantine in Ukraine will be canceled – when the percentage of sick Ukrainians remains unchanged for at least 10 days; less than 50% of patients with COVID-19 will remain in hospitals. Ukrainian News has already reported that food markets have already begun to work in Chernivtsi.

As a result of quarantine and other restrictive measures, educational institutions switched to distance learning, mass gatherings of citizens were prohibited, international and intercity passenger traffic was stopped, the metro was in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro, and city transport works on special passes.
The work of cinemas and other entertainment facilities, shops, except pharmacies, grocery stores and household chemical stores, has been discontinued. Citizens were urged to minimize their appearance on the streets and wear protective equipment.

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