Ukraine Embassy in Islamabad and Muslim Institute organised Webinar

Diplomatic CircleUkraine Embassy in Islamabad and Muslim Institute organised Webinar

Islamabad, Pakistan: On January 25, 2021, a webinar ” Ukraine’s early harbinger of multiculturalism in: to the sesquicentenary of Ahatanhel Krymsky (1871 – 1942)” was organized by the Muslim Institute in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine and the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Ahatanhel Krymsky, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, says a press statement issued by the Ukraine Embassy.
Ambassador Markian Chuchuk welcomed the participants of the event, noted that relations in the field of science, education, and culture remain an important component of friendly Ukrainian-Pakistani relations, and expressed hope for further cooperation between academic and educational institutions of two friendly nations, also, expressed his gratitude to the reliable partner – Muslim Institute for organizing the event. A special address by First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Dzhaparova was also read. According to her, A. Krymsky is not only “the best gift of Crimea to Ukraine”, but also “the greatest gift of Ukraine to the Muslim world”.
It is in this perspective that most speakers covered the activities of the famous Ukrainian scholar: the relationship between Ukraine and the East, the need to take into account the influence of the culture of Oriental civilizations in studying the history of Ukraine. In particular, this was mentioned in the speech of the Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies by A. Krymsky O. Bogomolov. A separate report by O. Romanova was devoted to A. Krymsky’s contribution to the foundation of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. A special interest for the Pakistani audience made by an important and interesting report by J. Phil, dedicated to the study of Sufi teachings, which Krymsky provided for the first time at the area of Eastern Europe.
Professor of Ankara University H. Kyrymly made a detailed report on the literary heritage of A.Krumsky, especially noted his patriotism and the beginning of the study of the history and culture of the Crimean Tatar people by an outstanding orientalist. A researcher from the University of Jordan prof. B. Musa focused on A. Krymsky’s contribution to the development of Turkology. The emotional speech of the former Ambassador of Pakistan to Ukraine HE Gen Z.M Sheikh focused on the tolerance and sincerity of the Ukrainian people, A. Krymsky was named the best representative of Ukraine.

Ukraine Embassy in Islamabad and Muslim Institute

Representatives of the Muslim Institute, including its Chairman – Sultan Ahmed Ali, noted the extraordinary figure of A.Krymsky, a connoisseur of more than 60 languages, translator, scientist, writer, his outstanding contribution to the study of the Orient and the Islamic world in particular, and thanked the Embassy of Ukraine for cooperation in organizing this event.
The webinar got 78 participants from different countries, during the interactive part there were different questions, as per the religious and political views of A. Krymsky, modern studies of Islam in Ukraine, and more. Further proceedings of the webinar are planned in a separate collection of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Ukraine, the possibility of signing a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Muslim Institute is being considered. The Muslim Institute organized an online broadcast on its Facebook page, and the Embassy of Ukraine also posted videos and photos on its Facebook page.

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