UK will not arm Syrian foreign-backed militants


LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron is no more planning to arm Syrian foreign-backed militants after being warned about the strength of the Syrian army, a source close to the premier said.

According to reports, Cameron has reportedly made the decision after British military chiefs warned him that the recent successes of the Syrian government forces against the terrorists means sending them small arms and missiles would be unlikely to make a difference in favor of the militants.

The military officials at Britain’s National Security Council have also warned Cameron that an effective intervention, including imposing a no-fly zone, could lead to all-out war with Syria, considering strength of Syria’s air defenses and its ground forces.

The move is a major U-turn on Syria as Cameron, along with French President Francois Hollande, led the lobby within the European Union two months ago to lift an arms embargo on the militants.

Based on the report, British forces will now turn to training and advising the foreign-backed militants rather than directly arming them.

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