UK pledges to support new Afghan unity govt

UK pledges to support new Afghan unity govt

KABUL, Afghanistan: The British Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to support the new Afghan unity government.

In a joint press conference along with the new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai following a bilateral meeting in Kabul, the British premier said that his country is committed to help Afghans build a more secured and prosperous future.

“Britain has paid a heavy price for helping to bring stability to this country,” Cameron said, paying tribute to the 453 British servicemen and women who died while serving in Afghanistan.

“An Afghanistan free from al-Qaida is in our national interest as well as Afghanistan’s,” he said. “And now, 13 long years later, Afghanistan can and must deliver its own security.”

But, “we are not leaving this country alone,” he added. “In Britain you will always have a strong partner and a friend.”

The new Afghan president thanked the British prime minister for sacrifices rendered by his country in Afghanistan.

Earlier, David Cameron arrived in Kabul for talks with the new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, becoming the first world leader to meet the new Afghan leadership.

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