UAE Pass App Guide 2023

UAEUAE Pass App Guide 2023

UAE Pass app

UAE Pass App National Digital Identity

The United Arab Emirates is not just a land of sun, sand, and skyscrapers. It’s a land brimming with innovation and technological advancements, consistently adopting digital solutions to streamline government services and elevate citizens’ quality of life. One such innovation is the UAE Pass app, the national digital identity system swiftly transforming how residents interact with government services. This application serves as a unified gateway to access many services, keeping convenience and user-friendliness at its core.



I. Introduction
II. How to Create a UAE Pass Account
III. Features
IV. UAE Pass App in Action
V. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VI. Conclusion

How to Create a UAE Pass Account

UAE Pass app
Before reaping the benefits, you must first create an account. The process is intuitive, ensuring seamless onboarding for all users. If you’re a UAE citizen or resident, the prerequisites are a valid Emirates ID and an active UAE mobile number.

To register, you’ll need to provide your Emirates ID number. The app then verifies your identity through a biometric facial recognition system, enhancing the security of your account. After successful verification, you’ll set a unique security pin code, concluding your registration process. It’s as simple as that.


Single Account Access to Government Services

One of the key attractions is its ability to serve as a single digital identity, allowing you access to thousands of federal and local government services. By downloading the app and creating an account, you no longer need to maintain separate usernames and passwords for different services. This integration significantly simplifies the navigation and use of various government websites and services.

Digital Signing of Government Documents

In an era where e-governance is at the forefront, the UAE Pass app takes a step further by offering a digital signature feature. You can sign electronic documents via the app, eliminating needing to physically visit service centers or government departments. Upload the document you wish to sign, use your phone’s touchscreen capability, and your document is signed. You can then download the document as a PDF with your digital signature.

Digital Vault for Official Documents

In the vast digital universe, losing track of your important documents is quite easy. The UAE Pass app comes to your rescue with its ‘Digital Vault’ feature. This functionality allows you to store all your digital documents, from your Emirates ID and vaccination card to your tenancy contract and driving license, all in one place. The app also enables you to share these documents digitally with government departments, thanks to the integration of blockchain technology that assures the security of your documents.

Document Authenticity Check with ‘UAE Verify’

Trust and authenticity are paramount when it comes to official documents. The UAE Pass app ensures this through its ‘UAE Verify’ service, a digital platform that validates the authenticity of ‘Digital Trusted Documents.’ Upload the document you want to verify, and the service will authenticate it, generating a unique digital code to guarantee the document’s integrity.

Access for Tourists and Non-Emirates ID Holders

The UAE Pass app isn’t limited to UAE citizens or residents. Tourists and GCC citizens can also utilize the app by authenticating their information through other identity documents, such as passports or National IDs. This inclusivity makes it easier for everyone to access various government services.

UAE Pass App in Action

The impact extends far and wide. Entities such as the Ministry of Community Development, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, the Federal Tax Authority, and more have embraced this digital marvel as a unified system for government services. Even healthcare services, like those offered by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, can be accessed using the UAE Pass.

As of April, the UAE Pass had registered more than 1.38 million users, including 628,000 individuals with verified accounts, showcasing the significant acceptance and usage of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UAE Pass app

Who can use the app?

The app is accessible to UAE citizens, residents, tourists, and GCC citizens or residents.

How secure is the UAE Pass app?

The app utilizes facial recognition and unique pin codes for user authentication, ensuring high-level security. Additionally, the usage of blockchain technology guarantees the safety of digital documents.

Can the app be used by tourists or non-residents?

Yes, tourists and non-residents can use the app to verify their information through their passports or National IDs.

What services can be accessed using the UAE Pass app?

Users can access thousands of federal and local government services, sign digital documents, store and share digital copies of their official documents, and verify document authenticity.

What is ‘UAE Verify’, and how does it work?

‘UAE Verify’ is a service within the UAE Pass app that verifies the authenticity of ‘Digital Trusted Documents’ by generating a unique digital code.


The UAE Pass app signifies the UAE’s commitment to fostering a digital future, streamlining government services with innovative solutions. It has successfully reinvented service delivery, simplifying life for citizens, residents, and tourists. With just a few clicks, a wealth of services is now at your fingertips. So, why wait? Join the digital revolution and experience the convenience of the UAE Pass app today.


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