Types of SIM Cards in Terms of Technology and Sizes

Types of SIM cards


To use cellular connectivity in mobile phones or any other devices, there is a need for a Subscriber Identity Module. It is also known as SIM. SIM cards have different varieties. They depend upon the IoT (Internet of Things) device’s objectives, function, and design. This article covers in detail about different types of SIM cards. After complete reading, you will have all the necessary information about when to use which SIM card. 

Every SIM card in Pakistan like Ufone, Jazz, Zong, or Telenor has a specific number. You can easily check your SIM card number.

SIM card technologies

Different types of SIM cards work on different technologies according to the functions they perform. Here are some types:

Sim cards (UICC) 

These are called Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (UICC). These are the types of plastic chips that slide into your device. UICC are compatible with connecting IoT and Non-IoT-related devices like Mobile phones, laptops, tables, and other devices. These types of SIM cards come in four different sizes. You have to choose the right size according to your device’s requirements.

A chip or embedded SIMs (MFF2 UICC)

These are called Machine to Machine Form Factor Universal Integrated Circuit Cards. These are also called chip SIMs in simple words. The connectivity is the same as UICC but the difference comes in installation. These SIM cards are not slid into your device rather these are available in one standard size. 

The companies install these SIMs in your device’s circuit board during manufacturing. This is a permanent type of SIM card that adds to the security as there is less risk of SIM card tampering. This technology protects the SIM against corrosion and has a longer life cycle. These are useful for devices like fleet vehicles, drones, cameras, outside alarms, etc. 


eSIMs are a new technology in the town. The Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cards is the full name of this technology.  This is a digital form of the traditional SIM card. They are programmable. You can easily switch your mobile phone or other devices using eSIMs.

They ensure several benefits like better connections, stronger security, lower cost, and many others. This is a new technology but in the coming times, it will outdate UICC and MFF2 sims types. 

SIM Card Sizes

Types of SIM cards

There are various types of SIM cards like 1FF, Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM, Nano-SIM, and Chip SIM. The sizes depend upon the device’s compatibility.


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