Two nerds engaged in a fight while camping for Apple iPhone 6


Iphone 6 fight

Two men in Los Angeles, California were brought to healing center with non-life undermining wounds yesterday after the two were included in a physical quarrel while outdoors in line for the iphone 6. The two men, Eugene Burger and Clive Mcstevens, both 26, got in a contention over the Polaroid, screen determination and processor chipset of the new iphone. Witnesses say that the two men started contending over things that most individuals either don’t comprehend or couldn’t care less to.

“The one gentleman continued happening about the screen determination or something… I think. At that point the other gentleman was contending that the best change was the screen size. Things raised from that point,” says John Haberford, a 34 year old secondary teacher.

Police were known as the LA Apple store area to discover both men in an extraordinary wrestling match and both having wicked noses. The two men likewise started to yell when the police appeared as they dreaded they would lose their spot in line (despite the fact that it shows up they were just two outdoors this early). The two men passed out and were taken to healing facility for precautionary measures.

“That is simply fantastic Eugene and Clive” chuckles Darlene Burger, Eugene’s mother and flat mate. “They are continually contending over Apple stuff, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and on and on. However they are great companions and I’m certain it will all be fine.”

The police have discharged the two men without charges. They were most recently seen playing enchantment cards outside of the LA Apple store, where they are still the first and final individuals in line.

Source http://thespudd.com/2-nerds-arrested-after-iphone-6-lineup-fight/

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