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Fix your Google Pay account

Trouble Accessing Your Contacts Account In Google Pay


GPay has become the most used app in the world in India, but to make payments,s you have to connect any of your bank accounts to Google Pay app and it will be ready for making payments online. Recently, a lot of users have started facing a strange issue with google pay where it gives an error stating that payment has failed because of Trouble Accessing Your Contacts Account In Google Pay.
After reading on multiple forums and going through the complaints on Reddit, one user came up with a few steps that can fix this problem within a few minutes.

① Update Gpay

All you have to do is to go to Google Play and check if there is any update for GPay, and if there is an update just make you you have the latest versions of the application
2. Clear Mobile cache:

Settings > Apps > Gpay > Clear Cache

③ Restart your Phone:


GPAy Google

Sometimes, all you have to do is to reboot your phone and get the errors sorted. Still, sometimes the problem gets a little complicated, so chances are there that rebooting the phone will fix your payment error right away.

But, if the issue exists with the payments, we can move on to the next and last step, which may be the root cause of the problem of “rouble Accessing Your Contacts Account In Google Pay”

④ Check App Permission for GPay:

Permissions for Google Pay

In most cases, people forget to check app permissions and allow relevant licenses for the application to function correctly. Most of the applications don’t act if any of the permission is denied to them, and in this case, this solution has worked for multiple people facing issues with google payments. All you have to do is, go to Settings > Apps > Gpay > Permissions (Make sure GPay has permission to access your contact list)

The steps mentioned above will fix your payment issue with Google Pay and Google pay has also seen massive traction in the Asian markets, including India. With the rise in inflation globally, people tend to use digital/plastic money more than ever; This is the reason that the Fintech industry has been on the rise for the last 3 to 4 years around the globe.

Let us know if you still got any problems with the payments, and we would be happy to find you a solution.

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