Transparent Hands – a global crowd funding platform


Transparent Hands - a global crowd funding platform

Pakistan is a country with limited resources especially in the fields of health sector and education. Majority of the poor patients can’t afford to pay for their healthcare treatment, even if the Hospitals are available with additional capacity. On the other hand, donors from around the world want to donate these patients but they don’t know who needs support, at what time, where are these patients and if the donations would ever be utilized properly.

This gave us an innovative idea of building a technology platform that will transform all these challenges into an remarkable Social Venture opportunity called TransparentHands.

What is Transparent Hands?

Transparent Hands is a Global Crowd Funding Platform that builds a Personal & Trusted bond between patients & the donors while ensuring complete transparency.

Transparent Hands is going to disrupt the donations market by bringing transparency, direct connection and easy donations flow between donors and patients.

Transparent Hands is bringing donors from all over the world e.g expats, business and corporate etc. on the platform to connect them directly to the patients and fund their treatments through the trusted hospitals.

We have brought two hospitals on our platform, Zainab Memorial Hospital which in turn are  bringing the needy patients on our platform through our recruiting officers. Then the hospitals diagnose the patients and put together the patient assessment on our web portal. On the other hand, the donors from all over the world are able to register and contribute towards the patients assessed bill.

So far we have successfully financed the surgeries of 50 patients & more than 100 have been registered from all over Punjab.

TransparentHands is an innovative idea, brilliant solution with a great team who is ready to take on this challenge and solve this huge healthcare problem in Pakistan. This will help needy patients get treatment; hospitals get more business and donors the opportunity to donate more in a transparent and connected environment. Once successful in Healthcare, Transparent hands will extend its services to other social welfare projects in Pakistan.

Asad Haroon
A netpreneur, blogger and above all; A Human :) Asad tweets from @aghaasadharoon and can also be approached on Google+

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