Traffic Plan for Islamabad on eve of Saudi Crown Prince’s visit on February 17-18

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has chalked out a special traffic diversion plan for the Federal Capital in the wake of two-day official visit of a high level Saudi delegation to Pakistan.

The Saudi delegation led by the Crown Province Muhammad bin Salman and including members of the Saudi Royal family, key ministers and leading businessmen will reach Islamabad on February 17 (Sunday).

Therefore, in order to ensure that foreigner VVIP movement doesn’t cause much inconvenience for the commuters and motorists, a traffic diversion plan has been devised by the ITP.

Traffic Diversion Plan for Heavy Traffic

As per the traffic diversion plan worked out for heavy traffic coming from Lahore to Islamabad, heavy traffic would not be allowed to enter Islamabad from Rawat T Cross. However, it could use Soan Garden, Katchehry Chowk and Peshawar Road from Saddar Rawalpindi as an alternative route to enter the Federal Capital.

Likewise, the entrance of heavy traffic from Kak Pul towards Koral Chowk Islamabad Expressway would remain shut down on February 17-18. The motorists will use the route consisting of Kak Pul, PWD, Soan Garden, Katchehry Road and Peshawar Road to enter Islamabad.

In addition, heavy traffic on its way from Peshawar GT and Motorway towards Islamabad would not be allowed to use Islamabad Kashmir Highway from Chongi No 26. Rather, traffic will be diverted from Chongi No 26 towards Rawalpindi-Peshawar GT Road and Motorway.

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The entrance of heavy traffic towards Faizabad from Katarian Pull and 9th Avenue IJP Road would be blocked. The traffic would be diverted towards Peshawar Road from IJP Road.

Similarly, heavy traffic from Murree and Azad Kashmir would be blocked at Satra Meel Toll Plaza, and diverted towards Murree Motorway.

Metro Bus Service from Faizabad to Red Zone to remain shut

Meanwhile, the Islamabad administration has decided to shut down the Metro Bus Service from Faizabad to Red Zone on February 17-18.

The administration has also decided to close Margalla Hills Trail-2, Trail-3, Trail-5 and Said Pur Village Trail for the public till February 18.

The order became effective from 03:00 pm on Friday.

Pillion riding banned in Islamabad

Separately, pillion riding has also been banned in Islamabad on February 17-18. The violators would be subject to an action under Section 144.

Traffic Plan for Islamabad on February 17-18Traffic Diversion Plan for Islamabad on eve of Saudi Crown Prince’s visit on February 16-17

Traffic Diversion Plan for Islamabad on eve of Saudi Crown Prince’s visit on February 16-17