Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2023 | Complete Features and Specs

Cars in PakistanTractor Prices in Pakistan 2023 | Complete Features and Specs

Pakistan has a vast network of agricultural businesses. Much of the country’s agricultural land contributes to the economic sector. Since farmers have a key role in carrying out farming procedures, they rely on quality tractors in Pakistan to keep their business running. With many tractor companies in the market, farmers and agricultural business owners often feel the need to know about the best tractors in the country. We have covered a list of the popular tractor brands in the country along with the tractor prices in Pakistan 2023.

Best Tractor Brands in Pakistan

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is one of the oldest and top brands for tractors in Pakistan. The American brand has established a positive reputation all over the country for its quality tractors. You may find MF tractors at every corner in most cities. For a better understanding of the prices of different MF tractors, we have created a list below.


Tractor Prices in Pakistan

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan

MF-24050Rs. 1,375,500
MF-350 Plus50Rs. 1,593,900
MF-260 (Turbo)60Rs. 1,591,800
MF-360 2WD60Rs. 1,680,000
MF-360 4WD60Rs. 2,336,250
MF-375-2WD75Rs. 2,058,000
MF-375-4WD75Rs. 2,679,600
MF-38585Rs. 2,142,000
MF-385-4WD85Rs. 2,782,500


Fiat is a well-known brand in the global automobile industry. For the past many years, the company has been offering high-quality tractors to local farmers and business owners. Their tractor quality and aftermarket services make Fiat tractors a great choice. If you want to buy Fiat tractors in Pakistan, you can reach out to the local dealerships across the country to get your desired tractor model. For your ease, we have listed the famous tractor models below.

Tractor Prices in Pakistan

Fiat Tractor Price in Pakistan

480S Special PriceRs. 1,167,600
480S Power Plus PriceRs. 1,221,675
NH 640 Special PriceRS. 1,472,100
NH 640 Special with Disc Brake PriceRS. 1,475,250

Al-Ghazi Tractors


Founded in 1983, Al-Ghazi is one of the leading tractor companies in Pakistan. The brand has established a strong market locally. Al-Ghazi has developed a positive reputation for its affordable tractor models. You can also source used tractors in the local market if you want to save some costs. Here is a list of the famous Al-Ghazi tractor models with their prices.

Tractor Prices in Pakistan

Al-Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan

NH-480s55Rs. 1,382,535
NH-480 Power Plus55Rs. 1,441,440
NH- Ghazi65Rs. 1,593,900
NH- 64075Rs. 2,044,350
NH- Dabung85Rs. 2,113,650
NH- 70-56 4WD85Rs. 2,777,775

Rahi Tractors

A relatively new brand in the local industry, Rahi has gained much attention over the past few years. The modern tractor design and powerful performance make it perfect for agricultural uses. Currently, the number of Rahi tractors in local cities is comparatively less. However, the number is growing with the passing months. To get a better idea of the Rahi tractor models and prices, please have a look at the chart below.


Rahi Tractor Price in Pakistan

SR-55055Rs. 726,570/-
SR- 65065Rs. 813,150/-
SR- 75075Rs. 1,063,400/-


Belarus tractors are famous for their 4 x 4 operation. The company has established a strong footprint in the local market for many years. Although the tractor models offered by Belarus are limited in number, you can experience good quality and superior performance by choosing one of the Belarus tractors locally. For your ease, we have added a list of the tractor models below.

Tractor Prices in Pakistan

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

510 Model57Rs. 2,750,000
510.2 (Russian Assembled) 57To be launched soon
80.181To be launched soon

Bull Power IMT

Bull Power IMT tractors are the product of Orient Automotive Industries (Pvt. Ltd.). The Karachi-based tractor company has gained popularity in the city of lights and the neighboring areas due to the ease of availability and quick part sourcing. As one of the accomplished tractor brands in Pakistan, the company offers a wide range of power variations to fit your needs. Let’s look at the different tractor models and their prices below.

Bull Power Tractor Price in Pakistan

Bull Power-54950Rs. 1,010,000
Bull Power 549 S50Rs. 1,065,000
Bull Power-56560Rs. 1,170,000
Bull Power-565-S Power60Rs. 1,225,000
Bull Power-57776Rs. 1,540,000
Bull Power-577 D76Rs. 1,565,000
IMT-577 Special Edition76N/A
Bull Power 58585Rs. 1,600,000


The Poland-based tractor brand, Ursus, has a distinguished presence in the local industrial sector. Most tractor models meet your demands and deliver excellence in performance as well as other departments. Like some other brands on the list, Ursus is easily available at local tractor dealerships. You may not want to ignore the following list when looking for tractor prices in Pakistan.

Tractor Prices in Pakistan

Ursus Tractor Price in Pakistan

281250Rs. 6.5 Lakh
351260Rs. 7 Lakh
451275Rs. 11 Lakh


Unlike other brands, Dewan does not manufacture tractors. The brand only imports Chinese tractors with superior quality and sells them locally. Dewan is a trusted brand in the local automobile industry. Dewan may fit your budget needs well when reviewing the tractor prices in Pakistan 2023.

Dewan Tractor Price in Pakistan

Please check your nearby Dewan dealerships or contact your nearby tractor dealership for prices and models.


GM needs no introduction when it comes to buying quality tractors for industrial use. The company has been in the local market for many years. GM tractors may never disappoint you if you want a tractor that fits your budget and commercial needs.

Tractor Prices in Pakistan

GM Tractor Price in Pakistan

To check the GM tractor price in Pakistan, feel free to visit your nearby GM dealerships or search online for specific tractor models.

We hope the above information, including the tractor prices in Pakistan, helps you find your best fit.

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