TP-Link Omni Router – A Game Changer for WiFi Users

TP-Link Omni Router


What’s worse is when you are streaming videos online or doing some important task on the internet, and your internet chooses not to comply with you with a perfectly stable connection. To enhance the signal strength of your wifi, TP-Link Omni Router has entered the market with adjustable antennas. To cut short before going into the details, TP-Link Omni Router has antennas that fold when the router is off. When it is turned on, the antennas automatically revolve around to catch the strong signals. It is rather a new feature so it is doubtful about the accuracy. But, hopefully, it will put an end to the misery of people with weak internet connections.

Features of TP-Link Omni Router

TP-Link Omni Router

TP-Link Omni router has some great and powerful specifications because a weak router means suffering while you pay a hefty amount to your internet companies. It supports WiFi 6E that works on tri-band speeds like 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands. So, you can make your wifi work on all three speeds with a stable connection while the antennas rotate around so you do not have to roam around your router with your phone in hand to stabilize the connection. WiFi’s 6E feature allows the low latency of 2-6 milliseconds. This low latency makes this router perfect for low latency applications like mobile AR/VR gaming, 4K/ 8K video streaming and much more.


TP-Link Omni Router

It is worth noting that TP-Link has only introduced a prototype. So, it is not a final product that the company has launched. They have introduced it to check the accuracy and the reaction of the consumers. However, these were some of the features of the TP-Link Prototype Router. But the original product may come out as different. If the prototype gets successful, it will consider mass production for mass availability to the consumers worldwide.

The Omni router has not seen an official launch yet so we cannot update more on it till its official release. So, wait some more with us and stay updated on this latest technology.

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