Toyota IMC Records Massive Profits in the Second Quarter of 2021

Toyota IMC records massive profits in the second quarter of the Fiscal Year 2020-2021. Check out the details below!

Toyota IMC has always maintained a strong market in the region. With many popular sedans in the race, the company has comfortably managed to lead the charts across the Fiscal Year charts. The last year has played an important role in boosting Toyota’s sales in the country. While this all stands true, Toyota IMC records massive profits in the second quarter of this Fiscal Year (2020-2021).


Toyota IMC records massive profits

Toyota IMC Records Massive Profits

If we talk about the numbers, Toyota IMC has successfully managed to secure 200% profit in the Fiscal Year 2020-2021. This makes it about PKR 2.95 billion. For those who are unaware of the last Fiscal Year’s numbers for Toyota, the company recorded PKR 985 million last year.

Toyota IMC records massive profits

Moreover, it means the half year’s profit earned by the company is PKR 4.80 billion, which is again double to PKR 2.30 billion in the same period the previous year. Furthermore, IMC has announced a cash dividend of Rs25 per share which may also be a piece of great news for the relevant ones.

The era of Toyota Yaris

Last year, Toyota launched the long-awaited Toyota Yaris subcompact sedan in Pakistan. The car consists of various interior and safety features apart from the modern exterior. Toyota IMC received massive success in the sales of Toyota Yaris across the country.

Toyota Yaris also hit the charts when it beat the combined number of total sales of Honda Civic and Honda City around the end of last year. We can not say that it is the dominant factor in why Toyota IMC records massive profits in the last completed Fiscal Year. However, the astonishing success of Yaris in Pakistan has surely added to the profit shares of the company.

Gross Profit of Toyota IMC

Toyota IMC has also recorded an 8.2% margin in the gross profit. Apart from this, the company’s other income also observed a hike of 1.5% making it a totally happy year of sales.

Toyota IMC records massive profits

While many vehicles offered by Toyota IMC have their own presence, Toyota Corolla takes the crown for dominating a major part. The car is the most popular choice in the country when it comes to compact sedans.

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