Toyota Hilux Beats Isuzu D-Max – Find Out How


Toyota Hilux

As there are no other options in Pakistan, Toyota Hilux is the first priority for all the customers in ‘Pakistan who want to purchase an off-road pickup truck. Isuzu’s D Max tried to make its way into the pickup truck market in 2018. The customers had high hopes for it but it remained futile as the Toyota Hilux has such a strong footing in the market. 

Hilux is Winning!

Sales of Isuzu D Max

Toyota Hilux

The recorded sales of Isuzu D Max in the first three months of the fiscal year 2021 were only 131 units. This quantity is comparatively higher than the last year’s sales but not enough to be nearer to its competitor in the same market. In 2020, the Isuzu DMax managed to gain 15 percent market share but soon lost it to 4 percent in the same year.

Sales of Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

In comparison to D Max, Hilux has a very strong footing in the market that leaves no options for the customers. According to the PAMA report, Hilux made sales of 3209 units in the first three months of the fiscal year 2021. This number has doubled since the last year. While the D max is nowhere near the number because Hilux has not been given a chance to harm its position. 

Hilux truly deserves the praise and market share because of its sportier and bold look plus the performance to top it off. 

Isuzu was the first company to risk it all to enter the market but proved unsuccessful. Just like Isuzu, there are other companies that are planning to make their worth in the market by launching their pickup trucks. MG extender and Changan Hunter are some testing pickup trucks in the market. But, they have to go a long way because there is much to harm the position of Toyota Hilux. they need to work on their exterior and performance to make it outlast the Hilux. 

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