Toyota Corolla Cross Vs KIA Sportage – Top Variants Comparison

Here is the much-requested Toyota Corolla Cross Vs KIA Sportage comparison!

Toyota Corolla Cross Vs KIA Sportage


Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage

With Toyota Corolla Cross finally coming to the local market, car owners are looking for crossover SUV comparisons. The first in line is definitely the 3rd most selling car in the country over the past months, KIA Sportage. As we already know, KIA Sportage is one of the very first new entrants in the market for the crossover SUV category. While this may be true, the car received huge success by making more sales than other SUVs of the same division. Today, we will do the much-expected Toyota Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage top variants comparison to help you decide your next SUV.

Performance Comparison

The new Toyota Corolla Cross Premium comes with a 1.8L Hybrid 4th generation engine. This engine modification produces a total output of 168hp at 305Nm Torque. On the other hand, KIA Sportage AWD houses a 2.0L MPI petrol engine capable of producing 155hp at 196Nm Torque. Although Corolla Cross is a hybrid SUV, it takes the lead when it comes to engine performance.

If we talk about the transmission details, Corolla Cross comes with ECVT transmission (combined power of electric motor with engine), whereas, Sportage comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission system. Just like the engine, Toyota also takes the lead in transmission setup.

Exterior Comparison

The top variants of both cars have projection LED headlamps. Corolla Cross Premium has LED fog lamps whereas Sportage features halogen lamps instead. Both SUVs have DRLs. Sportage AWD has an edge over Corolla Cross for having a panoramic sunroof. Cross comes with a standard sunroof. Moreover, Corolla Cross comes with 17-inch alloy wheels while KIA offers 18-inch alloys in Sportage. While this may be valid, The Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage comparison in this department is a win-win for both. Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage

Interior Comparison

When it comes to the interior of both SUVs, the story takes an interesting turn. The common features in both include an 8-inch touchscreen, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, rain sensors, and a dual-zone auto air conditioning system. However, there are some features that make the two cars unique from each other.

Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage

Corolla Cross Premium comes with a 7-inch MID LCD display whereas Sportage AWD has a 3.5-inch LCD. Sportage also takes the lead when it comes to the parking brake as it has an electric parking brake while Corolla Cross has a pedal brake.

Moreover, Sportage AWD offers an 8-way seat adjustment option whereas Corolla Cross Premium has a 6-way seat adjustment for the driver.

Lastly, the rear camera in Sportage allows dynamic guidelines for improved parking. On the flip side, Corolla Cross has a simple rear camera.

Safety Features Comparison

Both Corolla Cross Premium and Sportage AWD have the most safety features in common including ABS, EBD, VSC, and Hill Start Assist. However, Sportage also has the auto-hold brakes feature which is missing in Corolla Cross Premium. While this may be true, Corolla Cross takes an evident lead in this department for offering 7 airbags in the car while Sportage only comes with 2 airbags.

Price Comparison

The Corolla Cross vs KIA Sportage comparison is incomplete without comparing the prices of the two SUVs. Toyota Corolla Cross Premium comes with a whopping high price tag of PKR 8,399,000 which is 30 lacs more than the price of KIA Sportage AWD PKR 5,399,000.

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