New Prices of Toyota CBU Cars in Pakistan

Car companies had recently announced the new prices of CKD (Completely Knocked-Down) cars at the beginning of 2022. After the price hike announcement of locally assembled cars, the companies have also announced the new prices of Toyota CBU cars. The main reasons for these price increases are due to FED (Federal Excise Duty) and (RD) Regulatory Duty. Since the mini budget was introduced, the prices are getting out of control. So, let’s take a look at the new prices of the Completely Built-Up imported units. 

New Prices of Imported Toyota Cars

Toyota Camry Price 

New prices of Toyota CBU cars

First car that made to the list of this price hike is Toyota Camry that entered the market in a price range of less than Rs. 9 million. Within a few years, the price has risen to Rs. 20 million. Recently, the price was Rs. 18,630,000 but with the addition of Rs. 2,699,000, the price has risen to Rs. 21,329,000.

Toyota Prius

New prices of Toyota CBU cars

Toyota Prius is the first hybrid car in Pakistan that runs on fuel and electricity. The car is not an affordable option for the customers anymore. Because, the price on which you can purchase this model is 11,109,000. The earlier price of Toyota Prius was Rs. 9,270,000 but this new price is with an increase of Rs. 1,839,000.

Toyota Corolla Cross Prices

New prices of Toyota CBU cars

Toyota Corolla Cross has three variants and all three have gone through a price hike. 

  • The Toyota Corolla Cross Low Grade was available at Rs. 7,689,000. But, after an increase of Rs. 1,560,000, it will be available at Rs. 9,249,000.
  • Toyota Cross Smart Mid Range is now available at Rs. 9,869,000 which was previously for Rs. 8,199,000. It has gone through a rise of Rs. 1,670,000.
  • Corolla Cross Premium High Grade is going to be at Rs. 10,109,000 after a jump of Rs. 1,560,000. Earlier it cost only Rs. 8,399,000.

Toyota Rush Prices

New prices of Toyota CBU cars

  • Toyota Rush G M/T’s previous price was Rs. 5,630,000. But, with an addition of Rs.  589,000, the recent price is Rs. 6,219,000.
  • Toyota Rush G A/T now costs Rs. 6,459,000 after an increase of Rs. 619,000. Previously, its cost was Rs. 5,840,000.

Toyota has also given new prices of Toyota CBU Cars including Toyota Coaster and Toyota Hiace. The price increase is Rs. 810,000 and Rs. 659,000, respectively. Let’s see how other companies react to this price hike and set their prices.

Duaa Naeem
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