Toyota And Tesla Partnership for Electric SUVs Is In The Final Stages!!

Toyota and Tesla partnership in final stages now. We can expect electric SUVs to arrive in the coming years. Find out the details below!

Toyota and Tesla Partnership


Toyota and Tesla Partnership in final stages

Toyota and Tesla are two bright names in the list of most successful automakers. As much as they are strong in the market independently, there is still a venture awaiting. Tesla is widely known for electric vehicles. It looks like Toyota is finally breaking the barriers and stepping up in the line of electric vehicles. While Toyota is well-received for the architecture, Elon Musk’s Tesla takes the lead in electric cars. If you are a fan of both these companies, we have exciting news for you. Toyota and Tesla partnership is in the final stages for a joint EV venture.

Toyota-Tesla Electric SUVs

According to news shared by the Korean Media, the two automakers are in talks since last year to pursue a joint EV lineup. As reported, Tesla will be responsible for software and electronic systems integrated into the vehicles. On the other hand, Toyota will contribute to the construction and architecture side. The electronic vehicle joint platform will build modern compact electric SUVs.

Toyota and Tesla Partnership in final stages

Alliance History

Not many may know this but Toyota and Tesla have also collaborated in the past about 11 years ago. The partnership, then, was to manufacture electric vehicles. However, the two companies could not close the agreement. While this may be true, the CEOs of the two companies today share a friendly relationship. This may be the major reason behind the boosted progress of the Toyota and Tesla partnership.

Expected Arrival of SUVs

As of now, there is no official word about the arrival of the joint EV collaboration. However, reports claim the arrival of 10 electric SUVs by the year 2025. We will keep the fans updated with the official updates in this regard.

Will Toyota-Tesla Partnership Also Come to Pakistan?

There is a great possibility that the joint EV partnership will bring fruits to Pakistan’s automobile market. Javed Afridi is in talks to bring Tesla to Pakistan for introducing electric vehicles. If this happens soon, we can foresee a greater possibility of electric SUVs arriving in Pakistan.

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