Imran Khan bought all foreign gifts from Tosha Khana and then sold some of them in the open market

Imran Khan bought all foreign gifts from Tosha Khana and then sold...

Monitoring Desk: Papa John’s Pizza Empire fame investigative journalism platform “Fact Focus” has released a special report on Tosha Khana case that Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is already investigating. Fact Focus claims that former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi retained all 112 foreign gifts at throwaway prices and some of them were sold in the open market.

The report claims that former First Lady Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan kept the precious watch valued at Rs85 million gifted by Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman during his very first visit to Saudi Arabia on September 18, 2018, by paying only Rs17 million.

Report further claimed that Imran and Bushra retained seven Rolex watches, multiple necklaces, bracelets, rings, multiple diamond chains, gold pens, and even dinner sets by paying little amounts of money. Both Imran and Bushra hide these precious gifts from tax authorities in Pakistan for more than three years until it became scandalous. They never declared all the items.

The prices of the items given in the story are amounts of gifts as assessed by the former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

The following is the list of claims in the report:

Other gifts retained for free include one decoration piece priced Rs20000 received on 29-08-2018; one table mat received on 4-9-2018 valued Rs30000; one decoration piece (Rs8000) one locket (Rs20000) received on4-9-2018; Model of Makkah Clock tower (Rs25000) received on 6-9-2018; a decoration piece (Rs9000) gifted on 10-09-2018; one wall hanging (Rs8000), one decoration piece (Rs25000) received on 13-09-2018; one flower vase Rs15000 received on 30-10-2018; one tea set valued Rs3500 received on 9-11-2018;

one decoration piece Rs15000 and 8 books received on 14-11-2018; one wall hanging Rs15000; two decoration pieces Rs25000 and Rs30000 each; one frame Rs20000 and one flower vase Rs30000 received on 9-1-2019; one carpet Rs20000 received on 16-01-2019; one frame received on 15-03-2019; table watch, card holder and paper weight Rs3500 received on 11-04-2019; a gown, oud and two small perfumes Rs30000 received on 17-04-2019; one carpet Rs30000, one calligraphy Rs5000 received on 26-04-2019; one flower vase Rs30000, one carpet Rs30000; wall hanging Rs 30000 and a model of truck received on 2-5-2019; one paper wall hanging Rs5000 received on 16-06-2019;

one decoration piece of Rs23000 received on 28-06-2019; two decoration pieces worth Rs 30000 were received on 7-10-2019; two boxes of dates, two jai-e-nimaz, two tasbeeh, six bottles of honey worth Rs29700 were received, and retained on 14-10-2019; a piece of carpet and a decoration piece worth Rs22000 received on 18-10-2019; one wool carpet received and retained on 13-12-2019 was valued at Rs28000; a ladies handbag gifted to Ms. Bushra Bibi worth Rs5000 was retained on 11-02-2020; one carpet Rs3000 and a wall hanging Rs20000 were received on 26-10-2020

Another wall hanging worth Rs15000 was received on 10-11-2020. A decoration piece of Rs20000 was received on 4-12-2020; a carpet Rs32000 received on 18-01-2021 and another carpet Rs22000 on 22-02-2021; gemstones of Sri Lanka Rs5000 and a Tasbeeh Rs2500 was received on 4-3-2021. A chessboard was gifted on 30-07-2021 worth Rs27000; a model door of Khana Kaaba was Rs20000.

One Onyx bowl Rs22000 and a model of the key of Kaaba Rs6000 were received on 17-08-2021 and retained. Oud wood Rs250000; two bottles of oud (oil) (Taif Rose Bridge Rate) Rs36000; three chogas Rs9000.

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