Best Indian Schools in UAE: A Complete Overview

UAEBest Indian Schools in UAE: A Complete Overview

Top Indian Schools in UAE: A Complete OverviewHighlights

II. Overview of Top Indian Schools in UAE
III. Further Exploration of Renowned Indian Schools in UAE
IV. Examination of Pioneer and Celebrated Indian Schools in UAE
V. Delving into Schools with Indian Origins
VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
VII. Conclusion

Indians form an integral part of UAE society and economy. Since becoming residents, they have brought with them their vibrant culture that spans South Asia. Most evident of this cultural mix are Indian schools serving their local community – to help you navigate this complex terrain, we’ve compiled a guide of all the top Indian schools.


Top Indian Schools in UAE

Overview of Top Indian Schools in UAE

Ambassador School

Top Indian Schools in UAE
Launched in 2010, Ambassador School has become a beacon of learning for over 9000 children from kindergarten through grade 12. Affiliated with the International Cambridge Secondary Examinations Board, its holistic and nurturing learning environment fosters academic and personal excellence in kindergarten to grade 12 students. Their motivated staff contributes significantly to its burgeoning popularity among Indian residents living in UAE.

Delhi Private School

Top Indian Schools in UAE

Since 2003, Delhi Private School has been recognized as an institution of academic excellence in the UAE. Adhering strictly to CBSE curriculum standards, this acclaimed institution employs an innovative, multi-faceted learning approach by recognizing and nurturing student talents through co-curricular activities. Consisting of secondary, Milestone, and Primary blocks, active participation in sports events enriches the academic journey for its students.

GIIS Abu Dhabi

Top Indian Schools in UAE

In 2002, GIIS Abu Dhabi began with just 48 students at Singapore’s Mount Sophia before becoming an internationally acclaimed institution with branches throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, UAE, Thailand, India Vietnam. By offering both Indian and International curricula, GIIS has cemented itself into the annals of quality education.

Explore Renowned Indian Schools in UAE

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Modern Academy started in 1986, and since its opening has maintained an “Outstanding” KHDA rating for five consecutive years. Their dedication goes beyond academics with an eye toward student development across all aspects of student life. Affiliated with Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, this school also runs an Afternoon Curriculum Enhancement program featuring facilities such as covered pools, basketball courts, and tennis courts that support balanced approaches to learning.

JSS International

Top Indian Schools in UAE

JSS International, a favorite among Indian expatriates, offers kindergarten through Grade 12 education in an enriching learning environment featuring facilities such as a quadrangle, auditorium, and play area. They host seminars, workshops, and declamation, handwriting, and coloring competitions to inspire their students across various fields. A graduation ceremony marks kindergarten students as they transition into primary school education.

Rajagiri International School

Top Indian Schools in UAE

Rajagiri International School was established in April 2008 to offer an innovative yet traditional approach to education. Affiliated with CBSE, this institute serves over 1600 pre-KG to grade 10 students who experience learning beyond textbooks and classrooms through direct hands-on experiences.

Exploring More Reputable Indian Schools in UAE

Our Own English High School

Top Indian Schools in UAE
Established in 1968, Our Own English High School has gained a sterling reputation since it opened its doors. Affiliated with CBSE, the school offers education from kindergarten to 12th grade aimed at creating all-rounded global citizens. Home to over 10,000 students representing 22 nationalities from kindergarten to 12th grade, competitions and programs are regularly organized at Our Own English High School to measure academic and creative skills.

The Indian High School

Top Indian Schools in UAE

The Indian High School was one of the pioneers in Indian education. It opened in 1961, serving almost 12,000 students from grades 5-12 across CBSE’s curriculum and recognized by the Knowledge Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA). Twice winning Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Awards, The Indian High School offers abundant co-curricular activities.

The Millenium School

Top Indian Schools in UAE

Inaugurated in 2000, The Millenium School is proud of its longstanding tradition of offering top-class educational services. As an affiliate of the CBSE-I board, its teachers impart knowledge holistically for an ideal learning experience – while being unique among UAE CBSE schools by offering day boarding facilities from grade 4 onwards.

Examining Schools With Indian Origins

Sharjah Indian School

Top Indian Schools in UAE
The Sharjah Indian Association established Sharjah Indian School and began operating with only 280 students and 13 teachers when it opened its doors in 1979. Since then, however, its student body has increased exponentially to include 13,937 students enrolled and 588 teaching staff members. Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education’s Private Education Department and CBSE New Delhi in India – CBSE being one of its affiliations – Sharjah Indian School has set numerous Indo-UAE friendship records since opening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Admission Process Like in These Schools?

Admission into Indian schools usually begins with submitting an application form on each school’s official website and submitting it. After this step, an entrance test or interview may follow depending on grade level; parents are also part of this process.

How are fees differ among these schools?

Fee structures of different schools will depend upon factors like grade level and facilities provided. To gain accurate details on fees at particular schools, visit their websites or contact them directly for accurate information about fees.

What Co-Curricular Activities Are At These Schools?

Indian schools in the UAE provide their students with diverse co-curricular activities designed to ensure overall development. Activities may include sports such as football, cricket, basketball, and tennis and clubs dedicated to art forms like music, drama, debate, science environment, etc. In addition, schools often participate in interschool competitions or events.

What are my school timings and boarding facilities?

Most schools operate from Sunday to Thursday, with classes typically running between 8 am and 2 pm – although this may differ depending on the school. As for boarding facilities, The Millenium School in UAE is currently the only CBSE school offering day boarding from grade 4 onwards; other schools may provide transportation services instead.

How are Teachers Qualified in These Schools?

Teachers at these top Indian schools in the UAE are highly qualified, often possessing postgraduate degrees and Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) degrees. Many also boast years of teaching experience domestically and abroad; regular professional development workshops ensure teachers remain current on current educational practices.


The UAE boasts a wealth of Indian curriculum schools to meet the diverse educational needs of its Indian community. These esteemed institutions offer Indian and expatriate students an education system imbued with Indian values. Choose one of these top Indian schools to give your child an unforgettable learning experience by combining the best elements from international and Indian curricula.

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