Top 6 Play Areas in Lahore For All Family Members

BlogsTop 6 Play Areas in Lahore For All Family Members

Play areas in Lahore

Children love to visit amusement parks. They find delight in enjoying the rides, jumping on the trampolines, and playing around. But, are those for the kids? Don’t we adults have the little kids hidden somewhere? Don’t we want to visit the play areas as much as the kids? So, here you will get to know about all the best play areas in Lahore that you can visit with your whole family. All these places have rides, fun activities, food courts, games, and much more for everyone to have the best family time.


When speaking of the play areas, Joyland is the first spot in Lahore that comes to mind. No matter the age, it is everyone’s favourite place to visit on weekends. From the slow-paced Ferris Wheel or merry-go-rounds to the thrilling Top Spin and Discovery, Joyland holds the best rides in Pakistan. Each ride has a ticket or if you want to enjoy all the rides there, Joyland offers a wristband that allows you to take as many rides as you can. Also, there is a food area where you can enjoy delicious snacks.

It is located on Aziz Bhatti Road, Fortress Stadium Lahore. So, visit this place with your family or group of friends and enjoy.

Sindbad Wonderland

Sindbad is also in Fortress Stadium, Lahore. It is next to Joyland. As compared to Joyland, visitors can have a wide variety of games. Although, there are not a lot of rides and not much thrill, the games are captivating for all age groups. You can enjoy racing, shooting, King of Hammer, and much more to enjoy in one place. The games are for every age group. All you need is a heart to go there and you will have an urge to never come out.

Fun Factory

Play areas in Lahore

Fun Factory is located in the Emporium Mall, Johar Town Lahore. It is the best place for kids and even adults to enjoy. It is strictly a family spot so you can leave your kids playing while you are busy shopping in the mall. Plus, you can also join them whenever you get free because everyone loves the Trampoline park. Here are the fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Fun Factory is the biggest indoor trampoline park with bounces and other fun activities for all.

Topsy Turvy

Play areas in Lahore

Topsy turvy is the same as Fun Factory but it is Packages Mall. There are different activities like a Trampoline park, maze, rides, ball pit, slides, ladders, and much more for kids to enjoy. While your kids enjoy it, you can enjoy your shopping in the mall or have a meal in the food court.

Happy Acres

It is located in DHA Y Block where you can have a refreshing recreational day. It is a play area in Lahore which is for all. There is a cafe, a play area, and a salon altogether. So, leave your kids in Happy Acre while you get your services or enjoy a snack with your friends. There are many activities like painting, drawing, gym balls, and a miniature reality environment to make kids feel like adults.

Wonder World

Play areas in Lahore

Wonder World is Pakistan’s biggest indoor theme park with the theme of wonders of the world. You can book this place for birthdays and other parties to give your kids a lifetime experience. Here the kids can enjoy and learn at the same time. They can get to learn different physical activities like rock climbing, go-kart, football, trampoline, and much more.

These were some of the top play areas in Lahore where you can take your kids instead of keeping them busy with gadgets.

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