Top 5 songs by Azaan Sami Khan

Azaan Sami Khan takes after his father when it comes to his voice, and has been giving us great songs since starting his musical career in 2018 with Parvaaz Hai Junoon. While we can’t stop swooning over his musical intelligence, we also do need to highlight how much we loved him in Ishq e La and are just as sad as he was as the drama has come to an end.


His Instagram note on it teared us up for sure!


In today’s article, let’s have a look at Azaan’s top 5 songs of all time. These songs hit just the right cords in our hearts and many others.

1.      Ik Lamha

If you haven’t already listened to this song on TikTok then consider today your lucky day. Because the amount of love this song has acquired from the audiences is unmatched by any other of his songs. The official video has 10M views but it doesn’t end there – the song has been uploaded by various channels and all of them have received thousands of views and replays.

2.      Tere Bin Jiya tou Kia Jiya

This song just bleeds a bittersweet heartache and reminds us of a love we may never have had but always wished for. The song was a part of Azaan’s Ishq e La album and has had us put it on our repeat list.

3.      Zama

Zama is, we think, the only Pashto song Azaan has given us to date. The song is so melodious and soft that once you start listening you end up looping it for an hour or so. It has a heartwarming vibe to it.

4.      Ik Vari Sun Lay

This masterpiece is about hope and love is a completely different vibe from other songs and has been amassed over 1.5M views so far.

5.      Ibadat

We want to end our list with this beautiful song which is also from Ishq e La and gives us a teaser of the show. The lyrics are very soulful and we can’t help and step back just to appreciate how our hearts are so strong to have found and survived love and its loss respectively.

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