Top 5 Largest Dams In Pakistan | Complete Details

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Pakistan is the home to some magnificent dams. These dams have attracted many tourists to visit and admire the beauty of the place. On the one hand, the dams of Pakistan have continued to remain a magnet for tourists while contributing to the production of electricity on the other. If you wonder how many dams we have across the country, the list is indeed long. Pakistan has about 150 dams spread over the whole area. All the dams have contributed to power production across the country. We have mentioned every detail you need to know if you want more details about the top five largest dams in Pakistan.

Let’s look at the list with details below.

5 Largest Dams In Pakistan

Tarbela Dam

Largest Dams in Pakistan

Tarbela dam is the largest of all in Pakistan. It is located close to Swabi, KPK. The government constructed the dam on the Indus river. The dam has been a major contributor to power generation in the country. Tarbela dam was constructed in 1968. However, the completion period stretched to 1976. If we talk about the storage capacity, the Tarbela dam offers 11.1MAF water storage for power generation. Tarbela has seventeen turbines in the seawater for producing hydroelectric energy.

Diamer Bhasha Dam

Largest Dams in Pakistan

Diamer Bhasha dam has been in many discussions recently. The capability of this dam makes it one of the country’s most effective power generation sources. Diamer Bhasha dam is located in Kohistan, KPK, with a part touching Diamer, GB. This barrage has twelve seawater turbines capable of generating 4800 Megawatts of electric power. Diamer Bhasha dam has a storage capacity of 8MAF. The former COAS and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, laid the foundation and strategy for this dam.

Warsak Dam

Largest Dams in Pakistan

Warsak is among the largest dams in Pakistan. The optimal location of this dam makes it a highly valuable power generation source for the country. You can find the Warsak dam on the Kabul River closer to Peshawer, KPK. Warsak dam rose to its completion in two phases. The initial phase concluded in 1960. However, the following phase concluded twenty years afterward, in 1981. The dam is capable of generating 243 Megawatts of hydropower. Plans were to increase the capacity to up to 500+ Megawatts. While true, the plan is still under consideration indefinitely.

Kalabagh Dam

Kalabagh dam is the most influential barrage in the country. The dam has the potential to resolve the local power generation crisis effectively. Located in the Mianwali region, Punjab, the Kalabagh dam takes the water from the Indus river. It can produce 3600 Megawatts of electricity once properly assembled. The construction of the Kalabagh dam continues to be controversial. The dam has fifteen seawater turbines to generate hydroelectric energy. Experts believe the dam can potentially produce up to 4200 megawatts of electric power. We hope and pray to see the construction soon.

Hub Dam

Largest Dams in Pakistan

Hub dam finds its location on the Hub river touching the boundaries of both Baluchistan and Sindh. It is an artificial lake with the capability of power generation. It is one of the most valuable water storage dams located closer to Karachi. The Natural World Park (1974) surrounds the dam, making it a sight of attraction for tourists in the area. The Hub dam has a relatively smaller potential for power production. However, it has inevitable importance among the largest dams in Pakistan.

We hope you liked reading about the top five dams in Pakistan.

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